SLF Int, USA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Professor Ajit Yoganathan for his excellence in his contributions to Cardiac Surgery and Bio Medical Engineering

Professor Ajit Prithiviraj Yoganathan was born on December 6, 1951, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Son of Ponniah and Mangay (Navaratnam) Yoganathan, he received a Bachelor of Science in 1973 from University College, University of London. In 1974 as a graduate student, he became interested in the functioning of natural and replacements of heart valves, and then went on to receive Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering in 1978 from the California Institute of Technology. He then joined the engineering faculty at Georgia Tech in 1979.

Over the subsequent 40+ years, “Ajit,” as he is called by his colleagues and friends, has pioneered the field of applied cardiovascular engineering and through collaborations with clinicians and basic scientists has demonstrated the value of applying basic engineering science to develop and evaluate novel technology and devices that have benefited millions of patients.

His work has used experimental and computational biomechanics methods to study native and artificial heart valves, the structure and function of the heart, and has applied these techniques to not only help us understand the hemodynamics of complex congenital heart disease but also develop new surgical procedures to optimize the cardiovascular dynamics of these children’s hearts. The mission of his laboratory is “to provide answers to life-saving clinical questions using engineering approaches.”

The famous icon of Rock & Roll, Mick Jagger is alive today as he received in the spring of 2019 in a New York City hospital, and Prof Yoganathan had led the testing of every prosthetic heart valve design on the U.S market for safety and effectiveness. His Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (CFM Lab) has served as a valve approval site for the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for four decades. Prof Yoganathan invented the sciences of prosthetic heart valve engineering in that lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1979. It is his signature achievement and the primary reasons for his 2015 induction into National Academy of Engineering. He and his fellow lab members have had a profound influence on valve design including the advanced model in Jagger’s chest.

As the inaugural recipient of the Honorary Fellowship Award, the AATS has chosen Ajit P. Yoganathan, PhD, the Wallace H. Coulter Distinguished Faculty Chair in Biomedical Engineering, and Regents’ Professor in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University.

As a teacher, Dr Yoganathan has mentored more than 50 doctoral students, 35 master’s students, and 30 postdoctoral trainees, many of whom have now gone on to become important leaders in their own right. He played a pivotal role in the creation of Georgia Tech’s master’s and PhD degree programs in bioengineering as well as the joint PhD in Biomedical Engineering with the Emory University School of Medicine. In 2005, he was awarded the Theo Pilkington Award for his contributions to Biomedical Engineering education by the American Society of Engineering Education. In 2010 he was appointed the Founding Editor in Chief of Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology, the newest journal of the Biomedical Engineering Society, which in 2015 was accepted to PubMed. He currently has 16 issued US patents, with another 5 patent applications under review, and to date has published more than 400 peer-reviewed journal articles and 40 book chapters.

Click on the link below to watch a Special Symposium in Honor of Dr Ajit Yoganathan:

The fast-paced journey of BISTEC Global

BISTEC Global Services (BTG), we are a proud homegrown IT service company providing Software, QA, IT & Digitally enabled services globally to 13 countries in 5 continents. Our 150+ experts deliver services based on a unique offshore delivery model that caters to specific business needs. Co-Founders of BISTEC Global Johann De Cruz, Anuradha Gajanayake, and Marlon De Cruz began the company’s journey with a single Australian client and by today BISTEC global has become one of the leading software companies in Sri Lanka.

At BISTEC we believe we have hearts and not heads and we have an open culture and promote freedom to be who you are at BISTEC. We believe that to provide our clients with the best possible services, firstly we need to focus on our core strengths and improve any weaknesses. We consider our family to be everyone who is connected to us some way or another. BTG had great opportunities to work with clients globally including a set of diversified industries, services, and domains. One of the biggest achievements is that we had the opportunity to work with a major e-government software including the opportunity to design and implement an application suite for digitizing population census for a Southeast Asian Nation. We also developed line of business (LOB) apps for Australian leading disability services companies. We are currently helping many customers including some who work with Rolls-Royce and the US government.

BISTEC Global has been working tirelessly for the past few years to deliver real value to its clients, as a result, BISTEC Global has invested in the development of the three new-age apps. Workflow – a cloud-based work management application for accounting practices that help them visualize bottlenecks in the planning process, plan with ease, and optimize their workload for increased efficiency and cash flow. BISTEC care – A patient management and booking system for the medical industry. At last, TAFI – A tax planning & lodgment application catered for individual income taxpayers, which automates the end-to-end process on the cloud.

Today as a company, BISTEC Global is looking forward to furthering developments, expansions, and addressing new challenges.

Check out BISTEC Global website for more on the company and news

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SLF Int, USA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Professor Nimal Rajapakse For his excellence as a Renowned International Researcher & Rank among the top in Civil & Mechanical Engineering

Prof Nimalsiri ( Nimal) Dharmakeerthi Rajapakse hails from Bopetta, Attanagalla and spent his formative years in Colombo with his maternal grandparents. He received primary and secondary education from Ananda College following the footsteps of his grandfather mentor, Don Elias Rajapakse, and his father. He was an excellent student of Ananda College and received several academic prizes. Ananda College honored him as the orator of Col. Henry Steele Olcott Oration in 2005, and he delivered a talk under the title, “New Frontiers of Engineering”

Prof Nimal is an internationally renowned researcher in Applied Mechanics and a recipient of several prestigious award/honors. He has received over $15 million in research grants as a principal investigator. He served four Canadian research universities for 35 years. He has over 5500 research citations in Google Scholar with a h-index of 44. Prof Nimal has mentored twenty-three Ph-D students and sixteen M.Sc. Students, as well as many post-doctoral fellows. He has co-authored a textbook published by Springer. He has collaborated and received support from IBM Research, Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Highways, AECL, Ballard, Kinectrics and Westport Innovation. In addition, he is a highly accomplished academic leader with nearly twenty years of leadership experience in Canada. He is recognized as a transformative leader who inspires people through his work ethics, collaborative leadership style, merit based decision making, commitment to inclusively and transparency, and ability to engage people.

He joined the University of Manitoba UM as an Assistant Professor in 1985 and started his academic administrative career when he was appointed as Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at UM. During his term as Head of Civil Engineering of UM (1997-2000), he took initiatives to raise the profile of the department within and outside the university and implemented an effective strategy to increase the undergraduate enrollment through industry collaborations and outreach.

Prof Nimal was recruited to the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2000 as head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. UBC is ranked amongst the top 50 universities of the world. The Mech 2 Program which received highest national and International awards for curriculum innovation was introduced in 2004 during his headship. Annual research income and graduate enrollment in the Department of Mechanical Engineering nearly doubled during his headship. UBC Mechanical Engineering was ranked first amongst the Canadian Mechanical Engineering departments in research performance during the final year of his headship. He led the discussion with PACE Program ( General Motors-led) consortium for Advanced Collaborative Engineering), which granted in 2004 an over $200 million in-kind donation of software and computer hardware. The department received the Outstanding PACE Partner Award in 2008. Four research chairs were established during his headship. Prof Nimal was appointed Director of the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS) at UBC in July 2007. ICICS is the largest multi-disciplinary research institute at UBC. A research team led by him obtained a $12.9m grant in 2009 to upgrade the ICICS research infrastructure.

SLF President/CEO visits “Zone24x7, A Leading Technology Solutions Provider in Sri Lanka.”

Established in 2004 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Zone24x7 has been a technology solutions provider with its advanced Technology and Research Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for nearly two decades. Specialized in offering end-to-end technology consulting and engineering services encompassing hardware and software.

The President /CEO, Dr. Dishan Jayasinha of Sri Lanka Foundation International, USA, and his wife Zuigly Jayasinha paid a visit to Zone24x7’s office in Colombo, Sri Lanka. During their visit, the Zone24x7 team showcased their experience and expertise in some of the latest tech trends such as “Big Data & Data Science,” “Machine Learning & AI,” and “Enterprise Applications Development.” Zone24x7 is uniquely positioned in the technology space as a company that can provide not only software but also hardware solutions.

The company has years of experience in the tech research & development area. It has been implementing some of the outcomes to drive business growth and value to its clientele spread across the USA, Europe, and Australia. For example, Zone24x7 was a trusted technology innovation partner for a top-tier retailer in the USA, helping them to generate retail tech ideas, conceptualize, and produce proof of concepts.

Zone24x7 is also a pioneer in offering RFID-powered technology (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions to the industries such as retail, manufacturing, warehousing & logistics. RFID technology has a multiverse of usage, and for a number of years, the company has been working on implementing RFID tech in retail and warehouse businesses. In 2015, the company topped the APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Awards) event with their “Autonomous RFID Inventory Scanning Robot.”

If you wish to get a technology consultation on implementing the correct type of technology for your business, reach out to us via email at “”.

SLF President/CEO visits the IT-BPM companies in Sri Lanka

Although well known for Tea, Sri Lanka is not that known for IT. Still, Sri Lanka has its talented engineers developing many world-class software products and providing world-class BPM services across the globe. 

AT Kearney called the island nation “a hidden gem for outsourcing.” The IT-BPM sector is currently the fifth highest exporter of foreign exchange to the country. 

During their recent trip to Sri Lanka, Dr. Dishan Jayasinha, President and CEO of the Sri Lanka Foundation International USA, and his wife Zuigly Jayasinha visited some of the leading players in the Sri-Lankan IT-BPM industry. The visit was facilitated by SLASSCOM, the knowledge & innovation chamber for IT/BPM industries in Sri Lanka.

Some of the notable companies they visited were Info mate, Zone 24×7, Hatch, VeracityAI, BISTEC Global, and Loops Agency.

Infomate is a pioneer shared services center in Sri Lanka. It is a successful accounting BPO company that offers a range of services from end-to-end accounting, HR and payroll, data entry, image annotation, and diverse back office and admin tasks. 

Zone 24×7 is an IT services company specializing in offering end-to-end technology consulting and engineering services to technology startups to fortune 500 organizations. Their services include enterprise software applications, big data & data science engineering, embedded systems engineering, remote monitoring & IoT, machine learning, cognitive vision, robotics, and innovation services with technology proof of concept development.

Hatch is a co-working space, startup incubator, and accelerator that was recently awarded ‘The Best Co-Working Space in the World’ at the Global Startup Awards 2021. Hatch actively partners with several private sector organizations, Sri Lanka’s public sector, and international agencies to incubate and accelerate the growth of the Sri Lankan startups and is now working with regional ecosystems to nurture talent and create market opportunities. VeracityAI is a data sciences services company that provides professional services, product design and developments, and prototyping solutions in the areas of Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning, including deep learning. It is now one of Australia and Norway’s best data science services companies. 

BISTEC Global is an IT-BPM company that enables businesses to expand their products or services through the power of the global talent pool. BISTEC offers five blueprint services to enable full potential value to clients via extended teams located in Sri Lanka: Accounting BPO services, IT services, Software development services, Business consultancy, and Digital marketing services. BISTEC focuses on Australia, UK & USA as its main markets and has already established customers in each market.

Loops Agency is a leading digital marketing agency that offers digital marketing services, Integrated Creative Solutions, IT Development, and Video Animation and Filming services. 

“I am amazed by the work these companies are doing and pleasantly surprised by the talent on offer.” Dr. Dishan Jayasinha 

Sri Lanka’s IT-BPM sector offers services to many leading players in the global market, including Fortune 500 companies. Many global companies have extended teams based in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka stands out in the competitive South Asian market for outsourcing because of its highly skilled talent. The island has one of the highest literacy rates in the region. Over 130,000 are employed in the IT-BPM sector and are highly skilled and adaptable. The workforce grows at over 20% year on year and has very low attrition rates ranging from 10-15%. Over 300 IT and BPM companies operate in Sri Lanka. These range from tech startups and small to medium-scale businesses to large global companies. Some of the top global IT-BPM companies in Sri Lanka are Accenture, HSBC, London Stock Exchange Global Services, Microsoft, Industrial & Financial Systems (IFS), RR Donnelley, Virtusa, Millennium Information Technology, and Innodata Isogen. 

Dr. Dishan was highly impressed with the range of services and creative talent in the industry and the areas of technology and knowledge services that they have explored. He noted that more opportunities should be created for companies in this space and is looking forward to working with the talent in Sri Lanka.

Dr Deepthi Jayasekera, Infectious Disease Specialist is honored at this year’s Doctors Day Celebrations at Emanate Hospitals in Southern California

Infectious diseases specialists and ER physicians were honored at this year’s Doctors’ Day celebrations at Emanate Hospitals in Southern California this year. This felicitation ceremony marked the dedicated service they rendered to the patients and hospital staff with Covid-19 pandemic during last 2 years of Covid-19 pandemic. The Emanate Health Group encompass es Queen of the Valley hospital in West Covina , Intercommunity Hospital in Covina and Foothill Presbyterian hospital in Glendora.

Not Forgotten and Still Living

Prof. Patrick Mendis, a multidisciplinary scholar and award-winning diplomat, has represented both the governments of Sri Lanka and the United States in the United Nations system (Photo—courtesy of the University of Minnesota).

Who is the J’pura alumnus and American diplomat behind our scholarships?
By Professor Chandana Gunathilaka

It was for the first time at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura’s history that a single graduate of our Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce was awarded both the Dr. Patrick Mendis Prize and the Venerable Dr. Walpola Rahula Prize at the convocation ceremony.

That was one of our most outstanding students in the Department of Finance: Uwin Ariyaratna. He was recognised with the Dr. Mendis Prize for having the best performance in academic excellence and extra-curricular leadership at the university. He also received the Venerable Dr. Walpola Rahula Prize for having the highest average score obtained among 1200 plus students in all 12 departments of our faculty.

While serving as a lecturer at the University of Peradeniya, this high-achieving scholar is currently pursuing his MSc degree in applied finance in my department.

In most cases, these prizes and scholarships are often endowed in memory of well-known leaders, intellectuals, and diplomats. Neither Uwin Ariyaratna nor earlier recipients since 1994 have ever realised that Dr. Patrick Mendis is still living in the United States.

Yet, virtually everyone knew that the late Venerable Dr. Walpola Rahula was a legendary Buddhist scholar and the first Theravada monk to hold the American chair of Buddhist studies at the Northwestern University in Chicago. Internationally renowned for his highly influential book, What the Buddha Taught (1959), the venerable monk, who attended the London and Sorbonne-Paris universities, later served as an illustrious vice chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, and promoted management education in Sri Lanka.

Thanks to the legacy of the venerable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mendis earned his BSc (first-class honours) degree in business administration and economics from our Management Faculty in 1983. He is an author of over 200 articles and more than 10 books, most recently, Peaceful War: How the Chinese Dream and the American Destiny Create a New Pacific World Order. The first recipient of the International Confucius Award from the People’s Republic of China and the Benjamin Franklin Award from the US Department of State, Dr. Mendis is currently a distinguished visiting professor of culture and diplomacy at the Chinese Culture University as well as a distinguished visiting professor of global affairs at the National Chengchi University in Taiwan, the Republic of China.

In addition to the Mendis Prize, this Harvard and Minnesota educated Sri Lankan scholar set up the Edward Burdick Legislative Award at the University of Minnesota and the Millennials Award for Outstanding Leadership at Harvard University.

Prof. Mendis was born in Polonnaruwa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the medieval capital of Sri Lanka. The first student to receive the UNESCO Award in 1976, the professor was later invited to give the public UNESCO lecture on the “Ancient China-Sri Lanka Buddhist Discourse and the Colombo Lotus Tower” at the Polonnaruwa Museum in 2018. At that time, Prof. Mendis served as an American commissioner to the United States National Commission for UNESCO at the US Department of State in Washington. He was twice appointed as UNESCO commissioner by US Secretaries Hilary Clinton and John Kerry during the Obama administration. His government service ended when the Trump White House withdrew from the UN agency in Paris.

His childhood interests in UN and international affairs led him to represent the government of Sri Lanka as its first youth ambassador to the United Nations in 1986. He was recommended by his mentor and friend, Ambassador Karunasena Koddituwakku, then the vice chancellor of our university, who described the American diplomat as the “renaissance man of Polonnaruwa” who had a fortunate journey of serendipity from a “mud house” to the “White House” in the United States.

Recognising his wide range of scholarship and leadership activities at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and the University of Minnesota, the UN Secretariat in New York honoured him with the UN Medal for the International Year of the Youth (IYY). During its 10th anniversary in 1996, Prof. Mendis was invited to chair the UN World Conference on the IYY in New York.

After becoming a naturalised US citizen, he served as a military professor in the NATO and the Pacific Commands of the Pentagon as well as an American diplomat during the Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. Beside his senior executive service experience in the US government, he also served on the staff of the late Honourable Edward Burdick of the Minnesota House of Representatives in St. Paul and Senator Rudy Boschwitz of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the Reagan administration.

When I chaired 14th annual International Conference on Business Management (ICBM) of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, I invited Prof. Mendis as the honoured chief guest to deliver a speech on “Managing Interface: China-US relations and Sri Lanka” in Colombo. He was then a distinguished visiting professor of Sino-American relations at Peking University in China while serving as a Rajawali senior fellow at Harvard University.

It was a proud occasion for all of us whose alma mater is Sri Jayewardenepura. Many corporate leaders and international researchers, including Prof. Evan Lau of Malaysia, graced the ICBM symposium. At the time, our Dean Prof. Anura Kumara and Vice Chancellor Prof. Sampath Amarasinghe ( Current Chairman of the University Grants Commission) were delighted to welcome the Harvard scholar—and most importantly, our esteemed friend and colleague.

Whenever he returned to Sri Lanka, Prof. Mendis often visited his former colleagues in the corporate and government sectors as well as professors and students at Sri Jayewardenepura. Nevertheless, he was officially invited to the Management Faculty more than 20 years after he had established the eponymous annual financial award. After the 2017 International Conference, former recipients of the Mendis Prize, faculty, and students gathered to greet the globally famous alumnus who has travelled to, and worked in, more than 130 countries.

Our well-regarded friend of Sri Jayewardenepura is listed on Who’s Who in the World as well as Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who among Asian Americans. He is also an elected fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science, replacing the prominent late Prof. Cyril Ponnamperuma of the University of Maryland, where Prof. Mendis once served as a professor of international management.

While living in the United States and often travelling to China and elsewhere, Prof. Mendis has never forgotten his rural upbringing in his birthplace of Polonnaruwa. For this reason and many other contributions to higher education and international diplomacy, our celebrated alumnus is widely respected as “one of thirteen world’s famous people” born in Sri Lanka.

As I have demonstrated at the ICBM symposium, I fervently hope that one of our visionary leaders would reach out to Prof. Mendis for the benefit of developing our diplomatic tradecraft in foreign relations, corporate governance system, and post-graduate management education in our universities—or, at least inviting him as a visiting professor.

Over the years, I have observed that every “learning nation” like China, Japan, and South Korea has a vibrant character with designated programmes, such as the reversed “brain-drain” schemes. Likewise, Sri Lanka should reach out to its own illustrious citizens who live abroad for the advancement of our motherland.

*The writer is a professor of financial economics in the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

For more information go to:http//

Video Attached! President/CEO of SLF International, USA Meets Derana Start Up 2021 Prize Winners

On February 25th, 2022, Dr Dishan Jayasinha the President/CEO of the Sri Lanka Foundation International, USA met with the Derana Start Up 2021 Entrepreneurs, Natalie Samarasinghe, Project Manager of Derana Start up 2021 and Roshan Fernando, General Manager Marketing & Project Chair of Derana at the TV Derana studio in Sri Lanka to handover the prizes for the Winners.

See attached Video:

Project Details:

Concerning the national interest of fostering a culture of entrepreneurship among Sri Lanka’s youth, Derana STARTUP 2021, the much-needed entrepreneurial TV show is now ready to showcase the Top 30 competitors. Implemented in Sri Lanka through a tripartite partnership between YouLead, USAID’s youth skill development and entrepreneurship program together with the TV Derana network and a Jordanian nonprofit organization, Partners for Good, Derana STARTUP 2021 seek to create a culture of entrepreneurial job creators while promoting demand for entrepreneurship among youth across the island.

Addressing the need of the hour, statistics show that less than 5% of Sri Lankan youth who complete technical training advance to start their own business. This is partly because Sri Lankan youth are less inclined to pursue a path down the entrepreneurial avenue as a negative social perception exists towards youth who are seeking out to be an entrepreneur. Derana STARTUP 2021 seeks to break through this unfortunate stigma through an exciting and competitive TV program. By attracting youth to share what could be potentially groundbreaking ideas with the masses, a culture of entrepreneurship will be introduced to Sri Lanka. Working for the man is no longer what drives our youth, being your boss will become a reality through Derana STARTUP 2021 and youth unemployment will be an issue of years gone by.

Derana STARTUP 2021 is called out to all youth entrepreneurs below the age of 35 who have an innovative product or service with business operations not exceeding over 24 months under the entry categories of individual, group and school levels. Over 4000 applications were received representing a diverse applicant pool. The applications were reviewed by a selection committee consisting of industry professionals and academics based on several factors including but not limited to the level of innovativeness and creativity of the product or service, commercial viability, potential competitiveness, sustainability, employment generation, social acceptance and the potential to expand the business. The top 30 finalists were selected from four selection rounds and went through various training and development workshops. They were also assigned a successful industry leader as mentors to develop and guide their entrepreneurial journey. The top 30 finalists are now ready to present their entrepreneurial projects to the general public through the TV reality show Derana STARTUP 2021. The program telecasts on Saturday 9.30 PM, Sunday 8.30 AM on Ada Derana 24 Channel and Monday 11 AM on TV Derana starting from the 8th of January 2022. The LIVE online telecast will be broadcast on Saturday at 9.30 PM on Ada Derana 24 Youtube channel. The viewers can vote for the best entrepreneurial project through SMS. The winners get to take home a cash prize of LKR 4 Million.

Derana STARTUP 2021’s end goal is to use this innovative approach to support innovation, increase the outreach, change behaviors, perceptions and increase demand for entrepreneurship while creating a support network, mentoring culture and access to resources which will, in turn, provide the required support for youth to become innovative entrepreneurs. For more details on the program, interested parties may visit

Video Attached! US Ambassador Designate to Sri Lanka, H.E Julie Chung meets for a Virtual Engagement with the Sri Lankan American Community hosted by SLF International, USA

The Sri Lankan American Community had the privilege to meet with the United States Ambassador Designate to Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Her Excellency, Julie Chung, for a Virtual Engagement hosted by the Sri Lanka Foundation International, USA on Friday, February 11th, 2022 at 12.00pm, PST.

A Warm Welcome and a note of gratitude was extended by Keshini Wijegoonaratna, the Director of Project Management and Public Relations of SLF to the US Ambassador Designate, H.E Julie Chung for this opportunity and also to the Panel of speakers, and handed over the platform to Shirani Stanislaus, the Chief Operating Officer to do the formal introduction of Ambassador Designate to invite her to deliver her opening remarks.

Ambassador Designate Chung started her remarks by saying,”I want to share with you and hear from all of you today, to hear your thoughts to leverage partnerships between Sri Lankan American community and the Embassy in Colombo to further support and to form bilateral friendship and relationship”. Furthermore Ambassador Chung continued to say that United States and Sri Lanka has collaborated in a wide range of areas and she is very interested to grow that partnership further. See attached link for full details of her remarks.

Dr Walter Jayasinghe, the Chairman of the Board of SLF International, USA shared words of appreciation to Ambassador Chung for meeting with the Sri Lankan American community and extended his support to work closely with the Embassy for the betterment of both countries.

The presentations of the panel of speakers were next in the program and Sanje Sedara started out by discussing the initiatives of the Sri Lanka America Chamber of Commerce plans to facilitate and enhance the bilateral trade and commerce between the United States and Sri Lanka, Dr Nirmalani Gunawardana clearly outlined the Educational Projects, followed by Dr Schiro Withanachi elaborated further requesting assistance, Thusitha De Silva was very appreciative for the opportunity to discuss his success stories as well his challenges obtaining visa’s for artists, Lucky Rajasinghe shared the information on Covid Relief Efforts and the support rendered by the US Government to distribute 3.4million Pfizer Vaccinations to Sri Lanka, Navaratnam Nandakumaran who represented the Tamil Community mainly talked about peace and unity among all Sri Lankans, Rohan Sourjah discussed his projects executed in Sri Lanka by the Muslim Community and lastly Andy Samarasena proudly presented his success in the movie business and requested assistance for further assistance to increase corporation from the US Embassy in Colombo to expand opportunities.

Ambassador Designate, H.E Chung responded positively with very encouraging words to each of the Panelists by giving them assurance to work on the projects presented to increase corporation from the US Embassy.

The program ended successfully in a timely manner with the Vote of Thanks by the President/CEO, Dr Dishan Jayasinha of the Sri Lanka Foundation International, USA.

Received many positive feedback from the attendees as well as questions and concerns to be forwarded to Ambassador Designate Chung of areas of projects.

Click the link below to watch the complete program:

Video Attached! Another Successful Webinar Hosted by SLF Medical, Los Angeles, USA on “Omicron Facts & Friction”

On January 30th, 2022, Sunday morning in the US, evening in the UK and night in Sri Lanka, and January 31st, Monday, morning in Australia, the Sri Lanka Foundation Medical hosted the International Medical Webinar to educate and bring awareness on “Omicron Facts & Friction” to a global audience.

The program commenced with a welcome by the Sri Lanka Foundation staff, Achala Weerasinghe, the Director of Cultural Affairs & Director of Operations for the Academy of Performing Arts, followed by the Host, Keshini Wijegoonaratna, Director of Project Management & Public Relations, and Co-Host, Chamodh Amarasinghe, the Media Director.

The Chairman of the board of the Sri Lanka Foundation addressed the audiences with a warm welcome and extended his gratitude to the Panel of Doctors for their dedication. He also expressed that Dr Deepthi Jayasekera and Dr Dushyantha Jayaweera are two eminent doctors who are directly treating many Covid patients daily and has a lot of experience and knowledge.

Rodney Perera, the Director of Research Development of SLF said in his speech we have all had this dream since March 2020. That is, like the calendar references in ancient times; go back to Life BC—Before Covid; then as there was some hope; to Life AD-After Delta. But now we are craving for a period OMG-Omicron Gone! It is fascinating that with all the mask mandates and other protocols, there are large scale events, like in the sports world, going on with thousands of persons mingling freely. It appears the message is, well, if you are vaccinated, then go ahead, enjoy. Yet, we hear many persons who even got the boosters catching Omicron and falling ill.

Professor Deepthi Jayasekera and Professor Dushyantha Jayaweera presented the facts and friction of the Omicron Variant letting people know to take it seriously and explained in the layman’s language that everyone was able to understand. The attendees applauded both doctors for a job well done and sent many messages appreciating the Foundation and the Panel of doctors for hosting an outstanding webinar.

The program ended with a Vote of Thanks from the Vice President of SLF, Aeshea Jayasinghe.

Click the link below to watch the video: