Sri Lanka’s only Non-Emergency Service for Terminally ill Patients

Cyril Dharmawardana Foundation (CDF) is an Australian-based Non-Profit charity organization founded in 2013 in Sri Lanka by Binara Dharmawardana to provide transportation facilities for every single Cancer and other terminally ill patient at the time of their treatment. To enable a comfortable return and dignity without them getting exposed to infectious diseases when traveling on public transport. This is probably the only State of the art Non-Emergency Ambulance service dedicated to Cancer in the Developing World. 
This service is free of charge regardless of the patient’s travel distance. This facility currently operates in the Southern and North Central regions of Sri Lanka and in the main Cancer hospital in the Western Province of Colombo. With ongoing donor support, CDF plans to implement and extend this facility to other Cancer hospitals. CDF also contributes to a world leader in Cancer Research, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Center in Australia to find a cure for Cancer.

When renowned actor and public personality in Sri Lanka Cyril Dharmawardana, the father of Binara Dharmawardana was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, he was grateful to receive the best care in Australia. Having witnessed the sad disparity of medical facilities in Sri Lanka, he envisaged providing a service that gave dignity and comfort to the terminally ill patient during pain and suffering. A facility that extended a helping hand to underprivileged communities experiencing financial hardship due to deep-rooted poverty. Within a year of Cyril Dharmawardana’s sad passing in November 2013, his vision became a reality by initiating and creating the Cyril Dharmawardana Foundation.

Binara Dharmawardana and his CDF team had the privilege of attending the Royal Flying Doctor Service annual Gala event attended by elite philanthropists in Australia. Outstanding contributors to CDF in 2022 were invited to attend this event with some board members and a few executive committees. A magnificent event attended by the stars of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Television series & other dignitaries.

CDF’s dedication is an accomplishment of an initiative that fulfills a fundamental necessity for those in need. The absolute privilege of realization and contentment of making a difference in peo­ple lives is made possible by the founder Binara Dharmawardana who has given back so much to the Sri Lankan community and has created a positive change through his work over the years.

SLF Int, USA Exceptional Achievement Award Winner Dr Hasini Jayatilaka For her Excellence in Cancer Research Discovered a novel mechanism that causes cancer cells to break away from tumours and metastasise.

Dr Hasini Jayatilaka was born in Australia, and raised in Colombo, attended St Bridget’s Convent in Sri Lanka. Her lawyer mother and engineer father emphasized the importance of education and a well-balanced life to her and her older brother. She came to the United States in 2009 to pursue a bachelor’s degree and eventually a PhD at Johns Hopkins University in chemical and bimolecular engineering.

During her sophomore year of college, she found herself performing the early stages of her famed work at the Institute for NanoBio Technology under the mentorship of Denis Wirtz, co-founder and core faculty member of the Institute for NanoBio Technology, Johns Hopkins University Vice Provost for Research, and Theophilus Halley Smoot professor of Engineering Science at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr Hasini Jayatilaka is postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University focused on elucidating mechanisms that govern relapse in childhood cancers, particularly B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (BCP-ALL) and neuroblastoma.

BCP-ALL is a common childhood malignancy that has seen dramatic improvements in survival using current treatment regimens. However, relapse is the most frequent cause of cancer-related death among children with BCP-ALL. Jayatilaka is studying the activation of pro-survival and drug resistance mechanisms in a subset of the BCP-ALL population that allow tumour cells to persist following treatment and cause relapse.

She is currently conducting research on understanding the complex pathways that govern metastasis, the spread of cancer, which is responsible for 90% of cancer related deaths. She recently discovered a new signaling pathway that controls metastasis and showed that by blocking the pathway, the spread of cancer can be slowed down. For a young scientist who just finished her PhD in May 2017, Dr Hasini Jayatilaka has achieved goals that takes many researchers an entire career to acquire.

During her research, she discovered the mechanisms that causes cancer cells to break away from tumors and spread to other parts of the body, also known as metastasis. She also created a cocktail of drugs that slows and, in some cases, stops cancer from spreading. These discoveries have received international recognition and attracted the attention of many media outlets, organizations, professionals, and audiences.

Click on the link below to learn more about Dr Hasini Jayatilaka’s research:

SLF Int, USA Graced the opening of A Urgently Needed Brand New Water Filtering Unit installation at the Aruna Singithi Pre School in Polonnaruwa to Supply Clean Water!

Lack of quality drinking water is a major issue in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. Especially Chronic Kidney Disease affected areas such as Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Padaviya, Galgamuwa and other surrounding areas in the North Central Province.

Although the government & several institutions are supplying Reverse Osmosis Water Filter systems to rural communities, filter maintenance is not done regularly, and continuous maintenance of RO system is also a burden to most of the rural villages, schools, temples.Therefore supply, installation & regularly maintaining of RO systems is a great social service & help to these rural communities. This is the best solution for these areas.

President/CEO, Dr Dishan Jayasinha and his wife Zuigly Jayasinha of the Sri Lanka Foundation International, USA who are residents of USA traveled all the way to Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka to grace the occasion of the opening of a Brand New Reverse Osmosis Water Filteration Unit system installation that has a capacity of providing 200 gallons of water per day in the Aruna Singithi Pre School, Arunapura, Aralaganvila, Polonnaruwa. The Director of Cultural Affairs and the Director of Operations of the Academy of Performing Arts of SLF was also present to witness the occasion. This unit supplies clean water over 50 students, their parents and staff.

SLF has identified other locations that urgently need these RO Water Filters installed and if you wish to support this Cause please click on the link below to Donate.

SLF Int, USA Donated Most Urgently Needed Rabies Vaccine Vials to NHSL and the Hospitals in the Kandy District

On August 23rd, 2022 Sri Lanka Foundation International, USA donated most urgently needed Purified Vero Cell Rabies Vaccine Vials that was ordered from Kerala, India to the National Health Hospital in Colombo.

Professor Ishan De Zoysa, Consultant Surgeon of NHSL accepted the Rabies Vaccine Vials with much appreciation to distribute to the surrounding hospitals in Colombo.

On August 26th, 2022 the Kandy National Health Hospital and Teaching Hospital in Peradeniya received the Rabies Vaccine Vals to be distributed to the surrounding hospitals in the Kandy District.

SLF extends a special thank you to Venerable Udawatta Wimalabudhi thero at the International Buddhist Center for handling the distribution to the different hospitals in Kandy.

SLF also would like to convey a special thank you to the ITN TV Network Creative Director, Sandaruwan Jayawickrama for his support to do a special coverage of the project that was broadcasted in the Sunday Headline News . Click the link below to watch the program.

Our deepest gratitude to the ongoing loyal donors that continues to support the cause.

For more information contact:

Shirani Stanislaus:213-304-7500 or

Keshini Wijegoonaratna: 213-400-7705 or

SLF Int, USA 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Venerable Henepola Gunaratna Mahathera For his excellence in the International Missionary Work, Author and Renowned Meditation Teacher

Venerable Henepola Gunaratna is an internationally recognized Author and Meditation Teacher. Prior to coming to the United States, he spent five years of doing missionary work with Harijanas (Untouchable) of India and ten years in Malaysia. He has taught in a number of settings, including the Buddhist Vihara of Washington D.C where he served as President, also served as a Buddhist Chaplain as well as earned his Ph.D in Philosophy in the University in Washington D.C.

Ven. Henepola served in meditation centers worldwide and has a strong scholarly background and lifelong commitment to Dhamma.

In 1985 Ven. Henepola co-founded the Bhavana Society and became its abbott. He wanted to teach meditation in an environment allowing for longer retreats and intense practice free the trappings of a city vihara. He continues to teach in the direct, compassionate style that characterizes his books and articles. Ven. Gunaratna conveys a well-rounded approach to Buddhist Dhamma, touching on all aspects of the Noble Eightfold Path. He emphasizes Mehta Bhavana (the cultivation of loving-friendliness) as a basis for samma-samadhi, or right concentration. As a teacher, he is known for his emphasis both on Samadhi and on Mehta as part of spiritual training.

In 1996 Ven. Gunaratna received the title of Chief Sangha Nayaka Thera for North America. This acknowledged his status as highest-ranking monk of his sect in the United States and Canada. Originally published in 2003, his autobiography, journey to mindfulness was updated in 2017 with an “Expanded Anniversary Edition” adding five new chapters. In 2005, the Sri Henepola Gunaratna Scholarship Trust Fund was founded under his guidance. This trust fund provides educational opportunities for poverty stricken children in the rural areas of Sri Lanka.

Ven. Gunaratna continues to write books and articles, lead retreats, and teach at the Bhavana Society. On the occasion of his 90th birthday, December 7th, 2017, he decided that he would no longer accept invitations that require long distance travel. He says, “Thank you all for your kind consideration with Mehta”.

Buddhist Ceremony conducted at the Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy on Dr Walter Jayasinghe’s Birthday

On the occasion of the SriLanka Foundation International USA, Chairman of the Board, Dr. Walter Jayasinghe’s birthday on 17th of August 2022 Gilanpasa Pooja and Medicine Pooja were conducted according to ancient rituals with the participation of the Maha Sangha and 250 children at 7 pm at Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy.

In addition, nutritious food parcels were distributed to the children of Unuvinna primary school and medicinal plants were distributed to 300 farmers in the villages of Delthota area of ​​Kandy district initiated by the Vice President of the Sri Lanka Foundation, Mrs Aeshea Jayasinghe.

The Ceremony was organized by Udawaththe Wimala Buddhi, Thero, (MA,BA) Pandit, Director of the International Center, Kandy and Buddhist Studies, Hanthana.

About the “Philanthropist Dr Walter Jayasinghe” Read Below:

“If you mean philanthropy like giving money – it started only after I made money. If you mean helping humanity and doing things for man and living things – it was from birth,” he describes.

Crediting his father in leading by example, Dr. Jay describes even as a very young child, seeing his father offer free medical care to their community and understanding the importance of philanthropy in the form of time and willingness to help. Dr. Jay is also a proud Sri Lankan and avidly engaged philanthropist. He became a Founder of the first ever Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple in Hollywood, Los Angeles and has provided the means to restore and grow many temples and centers of Sri Lankan community throughout Los Angeles and elsewhere.

This led to Dr. Jay’s establishment of The Sri Lanka Foundation. The primary purpose of The Sri Lanka Foundation is to help rebuild the community and lives of Sri Lankans and inspire hope worldwide by promoting Sri Lankan culture and heritage. From this point, Dr. Jay also created the Sri Lanka Foundation Awards Ceremony, which is an event with the sole purpose of acknowledging and celebrating exceptional individuals in the Sri Lankan community worldwide.

Dr. Jay also founded a secondary non-profit organization – The Los Angeles Medical Center Foundation to provide healthcare services to the low income residents in and around Downtown Los Angeles. He operated a free clinic every Saturday for many years to the homeless population of Downtown Los Angeles, providing free outpatient medical services and medications to all patients.

Since his early years of success, his philanthropic sphere has only increased. Dr. Jay was awarded the “Philanthropist Award” by Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America, Western Region Inc. and now additionally helms the positions of Founder-President of the Institute of Buddha Dhamma Studies (A non-profit organization in the State of California) and Founder/Trustee of the Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara of Pasadena and Sri Rathana Buddhist Center in Anaheim.

Described by many as a humanitarian, to the very breadth of its meaning, Dr. Jay only continues to discover and form alliance with new institutions, cultures and people across all walks of life.

Click on the link below to watch the video created by Venerable Udawatthe Wimalabuddhi Thero, BA.MA Pandit, Director of International Center for Buddhist Studies, Hanthana Kandy.

Click on the link to read more about Dr Walter Jayasinghe:

DON’T MISS OUT!!Sri Lanka Day Expo & Parade Worldwide Virtual Event Begins in a few more days


Spectacular Cultural Program

Virtual Expo will be open to the public from August 10th – August 20th

Amazing Virtual Parade

Resourceful Presentations

Get ready to “Dance Baila” with the Band, “HEAT”

Live MC’S from US, Australia and Sri Lanka

There are many new features added this time for our worldwide audience. Including new online games to win prizes worth $5000!!


Sri Lanka-themed virtual Global Celebration will be launched in the United States on the Sri Lanka Foundation International platform introducing to a worldwide audience Sri Lanka’s historical heritage and culture, music, dance forms, and local food and products. All that and more, while being entertained by breath-taking cultural performances, you can enjoy lounging in the comfort of your living room!

If that were not enough, a dazzling parade would pass by you, and a glittering fashion show will be brought to your living room, bringing post covid fashions never before seen. The show will originate from Australia and Sri Lanka. You will not only be entertained with a variety of such attractive offerings; you will also be invited to Special Presentations in the Networking Lounge relating to Education, Medical, Culture, and Cooking.

This unique virtual event takes place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th August 2022, when traders, manufacturers, and service providers, will meet virtually all under one roof to market their products, network, and do business. It will also serve as a business platform for Sri Lankan traders to make inroads into the global market and develop strategic partnership programs with Australian, British, Canadian, and U.S. firms while virtually meeting and networking with them. Added highlights for the vendors and sponsors will include audio and Video features in the booths to directly speak with the customers. The auditorium will be available to present promotional videos of their businesses during the Cultural Performances. The platform will open a few days early and will remain open a few days later for people who missed the event on the weekend.

When the annual Sri Lanka Day was last celebrated in the historic city of Pasadena in 2019, the thousands of visitors who filed along the historic route of the New Year’s Day Rose Parade gasped in amazement as they watched the ‘Pageant of Lanka,’ a miniature Kandy Perahera with decorated elephants on rollers and traditional Sri Lankan dancers, parading on the streets of Los Angeles. That day, Sri Lanka took its rightful place among the ethnic festivals held in America.

This year, Sri Lanka Foundation International is organizing the event on a virtual platform for the second successive year making the pre covid era annual Sri Lanka Day celebrations in Los Angeles a worldwide event. Although virtual events are not quite like seeing an event in person, these “quarantine events” play a fascinating role in keeping the public arts alive while public life is in lockdown

Throughout the two-day festivities, it will feature events staged from around the world when the sights and sounds and the unique taste of Sri Lanka will virtually come alive. Mesmerizing dance and music performances will be staged throughout the two days. It will feature Sri Lankan traditional music, dances, art, and theatre staged from Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, The U.K., and India.

The performances are to be interspersed with a cultural fashion show with Sri Lankan models showcasing Sri Lankan costumes on the catwalk. The audience will also be treated to a tour de force of Sri Lankan art, artifacts, fashionable clothing, jewellery, sweets, spices, and food to promote indigenous products and entrepreneurs.

Sri Lanka Day celebrations are sponsored and organized by the Sri Lanka Foundation, based in Los Angeles, California, a brainchild of Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, a leading expatriate physician who came to the U.S. in the early 1960s. In 2003, he established the Foundation to promote Sri Lankan cultural activities in the U.S.

The mega event is cosponsored by a leading group of Sri Lankans and Sri Lankan companies, including Bold Gems, HSBC, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Hatch’ Delmege Forsyth & Co Ltd, Ceilan Coir Products Export, Salota International, Mireka Homes Havelock City, Jmed, Uniformity, Raju Rasiah Jewelers, Rupavahini (Ethera Methara), Derana TV, and ITN.

By. Nandasiri (Nandi) Jasentuliyana
Former Deputy Director-General, United Nations, Director, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and President Emeritus, International Institute of Space Law & Policy
For more information contact:

Shirani Stanislaus-213-304-7500 or shirani@srilankafoundation.og
Keshini Wijegoonaratna-213-400-7705 or
Achala Weerasinghe-213-400-1662 or

SLF Int, USA DONTATED Medicines and Medical Consumables to the surrounding hospitals in the Deltota District, Kandy

On August 5th, 2022 Sri Lanka Foundation International, USA donated urgently requested life saving Medicines to the following locations, Marassna Divisional Hospital, Pallegama Divisional Hospital, Galaha Divisional Hospital and Deltota Divisional Hospital in the Kandy District.

This is the ninth project completed by SLF and we continue to receive many more requests from hospitals across Sri Lanka for Urgent Medical Consumables and Medicines.

The following doctors accepted the products with much appreciation, Dr Manchanayaka from the Marassana Hospital, Dr U.T.A De Silva from the Deltota Hospital, Dr Kavindra Jayasuriya from the Pallegama Hospital and Dr A.M Premalal from the Galaha Hospital. The distribution was organized by Venerable Udawatta Wimalabuddhi Thero at the International Center for Buddhist Studies.

SLF extend their deepest gratitude to our ongoing loyal donors that continues to support the cause.

For more information contact:
Shirani Stanislaus:213-304-7500 or
Keshini Wijegoonaratna: 213-400-7705 or

SLF Int, USA Donates Life Saving Medicines for the Children at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Pediatrics Hospital in Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

On July 20th, 2022 Sri Lanka Foundation International, USA donated urgently requested life saving Medicines for the children at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Pediatrics Hospital in Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

This is the eighth project completed by SLF and we continue to receive many more requests from hospitals across Sri Lanka for Urgent Medical Consumables and Medicines.

Dr Aruna Herath, the Consultant Pediatrics Chest Specialist of the Pediatrics Hospital sent the Ambulance to pick up the Medicines from the owner of the J-Tech Medical Company’s location in Colombo.

SLF extend their deepest gratitude to our ongoing loyal donors that made a difference to this life saving situation.

For more information contact:
Shirani Stanislaus:213-304-7500 or
Keshini Wijegoonaratna: 213-400-7705 or

Meet our AccelerateHer Founders Curated By Hatch, Sri Lanka

The AccelerateHer program provides a platform for women to access the skills needed to sustain a business, such as legal, operational, and financial assistance. This program is devised to enable women entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and become investor-ready. In addition, we will also tackle gender-specific nuances that prevent women from succeeding in business.

A selected number of female entrepreneurs and their startups will be placed at Hatch for 3 months throughout this program opening opportunities to collaborate and co-create together with the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem while also skilling up their knowledge.

Our target audience includes women, ideally from under-represented groups, with a validated tech or tech-enabled product and operational income (with at least 1 paying customer) and those who are focused on scaling up their startups globally.


Founded by Shenuka Umagiliya ,BALAMU is your essential travel Guide in Sri Lanka! Bringing together three essential travel tools to create one versatile mobile application. First: An Audio Guide that provides entertaining and informative descriptions, of the places and things you see. Secondly: A digital map, with a carefully curated route and geo fenced locations. And Lastly: A collection of images, giving visitors, not just a view of what they should be looking at, but also providing an enlightening glimpse into the past with historic photos, of places and events. BALAMU allows the independent traveler to explore freely around our beautiful country with no set schedules or agendas, well equipped with a comprehensive guide available at their fingertips.
Investment ask: LKR 5 Million for 10%
SDG 20,000


Founded by Lasni Silva, Spice Carriage (Pvt) Ltd initiated operations in lactation cookie manufacturing in August 2020. As a micro-scale, home-based business, Spice Carriage produces lactation cookies under the brand Lactoboost which is the first lactation cookie manufactured in Sri Lanka. These cookies are used to increase breastmilk supply in breastfeeding mothers and are an enjoyable and healthy snack.
Investment ask : LKR 4.5 million for 10%
SDG 10,000


Founded by Bhagya, Bluefish provides exceptional quality homemade canned fish products made with individually handpicked export quality fish, free from any added preservatives or flavors and made using only healthy ingredients with an authentic signature taste. Bluefish believes in delivering healthy Blue Fish products to the nation by giving the best value for money
Investment ask: LKR 5 Million for 10%
SDG 20,000


Leo The Label began as a 100% female-run operation in 2021, founded by Sashini Jinasena in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was born out of the intention to develop a label that utilizes the skills of local artisans in a non-exploitative manner, moving away from the traditional mass production structure that dominates Sri Lankan factories today, and instead, steer towards a more conscious system of production. Each piece is ethically handcrafted in limited batches by their local artisans, using locally-sourced, biodegradable linen fabric. An amalgamation of styles of the past and present, their clothes are designed to be versatile enough to be dressed up or down, and the beauty of this is – each piece is open to interpretation and will be given a personality by its owner, you.
Investment ask: LKR 4.5 Million for 10%
SDG 10,000


True is a family run business founded by Tina Lobo in 2020, in Sri Lanka. Becoming a new mum to her now 3 year old daughter was a life-changing experience. True is proudly a pioneer in its field, being the first silicone tableware and teether brand in Sri Lanka. It is a purpose led brand with impact that strongly believes in building & giving back to the community, with a strong focus on fair trade and profit distributions to underprivileged children in Sri Lanka. True also aims to inspire, educate and motivate parents & caregivers not only via our product offering but through easy access to information and an engaging platform with a human & relatable fee.
Investment ask: LKR 7.2 Million for 10%
SDG 29,000


Miris by Islandmom is a proprietorship that was launched in June 2020, soon after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. The brand manufactures and supplies chili based condiments (especially naimiris which is known as Scotch Bonnet pepper) to retail and bulk customers.

Miris birthed with a mission of producing preservative free all-natural naimiris condiments for like-minded naimiris addicts, food explorers, adventurous eaters, and spicy food connoisseur around the globe. Naimiris connects all Sri Lankans around the world for its unique taste and pungency hence, their taste and preferences bring Lankans (around the globe) under one roof to celebrate this beautiful spice as “Certified NaiMiris Addict”
Investment ask: LKR 6.7 Million for 10%
SDG 27,000