Eradication of Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka

Eradication of Chronic Kidney Disease
in Sri Lanka

Causes  |  Eradication of Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka

Urgent Need to Save Lives
Chronic Kidney Disease Crisis is Putting Lives at Risk

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Chronic Kidney Disease of uncertain origin has affected North Central Province (Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts) of Sri Lanka. Following years of official research, the Sri Lankan health ministry and World Health Organization declared in June that low level exposures to the heavy metals cadmium and arsenic were “causative factors” for the ailment – which they have named CKDu, chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology.

CKD is a global health burden with a significant economic cost to health care systems worldwide. Nearly 500 million people are estimated to have CKD, of whom more than 80% are believed to be living in low- and middle-income countries.

In Sri Lanka, for the year 2016, the 8th leading cause of in-hospital mortality was reported as diseases of the urinary tract under which the deaths due to CKD are reported in Sri Lanka (Annual Health Statistics, Sri Lanka, 2016). In contrast, it was the leading cause of hospital deaths in 2 districts that lie in the North Central Region of Sri Lanka, namely Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. The primary contributor to this relatively high rate is the emergence of a new form of CKDu during the last two decades. The disease is not associated with typical risk factors for CKD such as diabetes or hypertension, and it primarily affects young and middle-aged individuals belonging to low socio-economic groups living in agricultural communities.

Our project is to minimize the Kidney Disease in the North Central villages in ‘Mahadamana’ of Dimbulagala Pradeshiya Sabhawa in the Polonnaruwa province.

The area identified as one of the high risk is the Polonnaruwa District, the village is called Mahadamana

— Total population in this village is: 4,600 (1,274 families)
— Total effected with the disease is: 32%

Population Disposition:

The most vulnerable age was 40 to 60 years. There is a male preponderance. Farmers at a higher risk. Majority were in CKD stage 1. More than two-thirds of the deaths of CKD/CKDu patients occurred within three years of diagnosis with disparities in 5 year survival rate among the two districts. There is clustering of cases.


— Even though there is a drinking water facility in this village they are not refined or purified.
— There are 1,274 that are affected families living in this village and the total population is 4,724.
— Lack of clinical awareness program.

Why this cause needs your support

Solutions that make a difference

— To install a water filter which is a three part unit that will purify the water from all chemicals to supply clean drinking water to all residents in this village.

— The unit will be secured around with fully enclosed walls and roof.  

— This filter will sCupply water to 4,500 to 10,000 people per day, the residents of Mahadagamana village and to the residents from the surrounding area. 

— It will carry a warranty to support 10 years of service.

— Kidney patients are currently buying bottled water. Remaining population and the money of the patients buying bottled water bottles can be saved if they are given purified water.


— Rupees thirty-thousand lakhs (3,000,000), in US dollars: sixteen-thousand ($16,000).

Duration of time for installation:

— 3 to 4 weeks.

Who will run the initiative:

Venerable Mæliye Dimbulalankara Thera.

He has already successfully completed a project for Dr Walter Jayasinghe, Padmini Joseph & Kanthi Leula by supplying clean drinking water to 15,000 people in the Polonnaruwa district.  

Locations where filters were installed with our donations:

Prathamika Hospital Hebarawa, Dehiatta Kandiya

Prathamika Hospital Hebarawa, Dehiatta Kandiya

Veheragala Seelawanshalankara Thero

Salya Bimbaramaya, Warawitiya,Veheragala.

Kandegama Upa
Rathanalankara Thero
Sri Suvisuddharamaya

Yaya 5, Hansaya Palama, Aralaganwila

Arya Kiththi Thero
Mawanawela Maha Pirivena

Mawanawela, Dehiatta Kandiya

Hebarawa Prathamika School

Ampara Maha Oya

Mr. Gunadasa

Dimbulagala Market Place

Aranya Senasanaya
Dimbulagala, Polonnaruwa

Maduru Oya
Vijithalankara Thero

Raja Maha Vihara, Pelatiyawa.

Kumara Ella

Elementary School
Kumara Ella, Bakamuna

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