News ≫ Meet our AccelerateHer Founders Curated By Hatch, Sri Lanka

Meet our AccelerateHer Founders Curated By Hatch, Sri Lanka

Jul 15, 2022
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The AccelerateHer program provides a platform for women to access the skills needed to sustain a business, such as legal, operational, and financial assistance. This program is devised to enable women entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and become investor-ready. In addition, we will also tackle gender-specific nuances that prevent women from succeeding in business.

A selected number of female entrepreneurs and their startups will be placed at Hatch for 3 months throughout this program opening opportunities to collaborate and co-create together with the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem while also skilling up their knowledge.

Our target audience includes women, ideally from under-represented groups, with a validated tech or tech-enabled product and operational income (with at least 1 paying customer) and those who are focused on scaling up their startups globally.


Founded by Shenuka Umagiliya ,BALAMU is your essential travel Guide in Sri Lanka! Bringing together three essential travel tools to create one versatile mobile application. First: An Audio Guide that provides entertaining and informative descriptions, of the places and things you see. Secondly: A digital map, with a carefully curated route and geo fenced locations. And Lastly: A collection of images, giving visitors, not just a view of what they should be looking at, but also providing an enlightening glimpse into the past with historic photos, of places and events. BALAMU allows the independent traveler to explore freely around our beautiful country with no set schedules or agendas, well equipped with a comprehensive guide available at their fingertips.
Investment ask: LKR 5 Million for 10%
SDG 20,000


Founded by Lasni Silva, Spice Carriage (Pvt) Ltd initiated operations in lactation cookie manufacturing in August 2020. As a micro-scale, home-based business, Spice Carriage produces lactation cookies under the brand Lactoboost which is the first lactation cookie manufactured in Sri Lanka. These cookies are used to increase breastmilk supply in breastfeeding mothers and are an enjoyable and healthy snack.
Investment ask : LKR 4.5 million for 10%
SDG 10,000


Founded by Bhagya, Bluefish provides exceptional quality homemade canned fish products made with individually handpicked export quality fish, free from any added preservatives or flavors and made using only healthy ingredients with an authentic signature taste. Bluefish believes in delivering healthy Blue Fish products to the nation by giving the best value for money
Investment ask: LKR 5 Million for 10%
SDG 20,000


Leo The Label began as a 100% female-run operation in 2021, founded by Sashini Jinasena in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was born out of the intention to develop a label that utilizes the skills of local artisans in a non-exploitative manner, moving away from the traditional mass production structure that dominates Sri Lankan factories today, and instead, steer towards a more conscious system of production. Each piece is ethically handcrafted in limited batches by their local artisans, using locally-sourced, biodegradable linen fabric. An amalgamation of styles of the past and present, their clothes are designed to be versatile enough to be dressed up or down, and the beauty of this is – each piece is open to interpretation and will be given a personality by its owner, you.
Investment ask: LKR 4.5 Million for 10%
SDG 10,000


True is a family run business founded by Tina Lobo in 2020, in Sri Lanka. Becoming a new mum to her now 3 year old daughter was a life-changing experience. True is proudly a pioneer in its field, being the first silicone tableware and teether brand in Sri Lanka. It is a purpose led brand with impact that strongly believes in building & giving back to the community, with a strong focus on fair trade and profit distributions to underprivileged children in Sri Lanka. True also aims to inspire, educate and motivate parents & caregivers not only via our product offering but through easy access to information and an engaging platform with a human & relatable fee.
Investment ask: LKR 7.2 Million for 10%
SDG 29,000


Miris by Islandmom is a proprietorship that was launched in June 2020, soon after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. The brand manufactures and supplies chili based condiments (especially naimiris which is known as Scotch Bonnet pepper) to retail and bulk customers.

Miris birthed with a mission of producing preservative free all-natural naimiris condiments for like-minded naimiris addicts, food explorers, adventurous eaters, and spicy food connoisseur around the globe. Naimiris connects all Sri Lankans around the world for its unique taste and pungency hence, their taste and preferences bring Lankans (around the globe) under one roof to celebrate this beautiful spice as “Certified NaiMiris Addict”
Investment ask: LKR 6.7 Million for 10%
SDG 27,000

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