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BNS SHOW with Umaria & Randhir
BNS SHOW with Umaria & Randhir 04/06/2024
SLF International Awards 2024
SLF International Awards 2024 04/21/2024
Sri Lanka Day 2024
Sri Lanka Day 2024 07/13/2024
The annual Sri Lanka Day celebration is held every Summer in sunny Southern California. Start making your plans to come and partake in this joyous occasion featuring food, entertainment, and fun for the whole family. Ellipse Red Learn More
View hundreds of photos and videos of previous Sri Lanka Day festivities as well as our awards presentations, beauty contests, and many other cultural events. Feel free to submit your events as well! Ellipse Orange Learn More
Our award presentation is one of our most popular events where we honor the works of exemplary individuals. Take a look at some of our previous winners. Ellipse Black Learn More
Sri Lanka Flag
Search our Directory for local and international business listings. You can also learn about our Sri Lankan Consulates & Embassies worldwide.Ellipse Green Learn More

SLF Gallery

  • 76th Independence Day
  • SLF Academy of Performing Arts Enrollment 2024
  • image4
  • Sri Lanka Day SLF WATCH PARTY 2023
  • Sri Lanka Day Watch Parties 2023
  • The City Of Los Angeles Celebrates Sri Lanka Day – August 19, 2023
  • Vas Aradhana and candle light ceremony at Mindfulness Meditation Center (Covina)
  • 220244322_3027027257578643_8870116516302345516_n
  • IMG-20210719-WA0037
  • 118779412_10220834754692513_2417400544006184987_n
  • image00006-squashed
  • 2B2A9038-squashed
  • 74214434_10157410344530250_564690312824356864_o-1
  • 72400887_10214737108398205_2961679391416909824_o
  • 72704773_10214794316308367_3270034794611736576_o
  • 72394803_10214712970674777_2762315066895237120_o
  • 2B2A0582
  • Zs1OMSor
  • IMG_0450
  • Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 4.05.42 PM
  • Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 4.06.30 PM
  • 60596276_10218379582737080_4234783903556042752_o
  • 57485728_10213581035817113_7124796920916082688_o
  • 48425831_10212856259538159_2861980418654076928_o
  • 48077744_10156616867155250_7493167229282811904_o
  • Andy Samarasena Photography
  • 501A2577-squashed-1-1832×1221
  • AW2A1067
  • 2B2A2745
  • 41606930_10212246092484364_7478561604582244352_o
  • 73
  • 42242908_10216749790047085_282572735991775232_o
  • 39134989_1944349275624422_6245338904623316992_o
  • unnamed-1
  • Andy Samarasena Photography
  • 37757596_10211917745555896_1868695770333446144_o
  • 36270049_790677457806383_775319675138473984_o
  • 2B2A3688
  • 2B2A3654
  • 501A0439 copy-squashed
  • 32313892_10211434799842555_6407440913223647232_o
  • 32555553_10211456738231001_8537040390417547264_n
  • AW2A1972_preview
  • 31317940_1501135506676306_2586781342645616640_o
  • 30420186_10211311987452322_884314685221424270_o
  • 30072959_10211270769701904_6162672889990197060_o
  • 30806209_10211285263944251_6021368414943280514_o
  • unnamed-3 copy
  • 2B2A9436_preview
  • 2B2A9209_preview
  • 27501102_1893770613984180_6973523975229365166_o
  • 27173438_10210741689155221_5223142768453429614_o
  • 25488373_10210459742706736_7430799677026687860_o
  • 26172609_10210537246124273_614149935508809095_o
  • 26232317_1578004525611223_2291536406532422056_o
  • 2B2A0947_preview
  • image1 copy
  • Cythias-photos copy
  • 19667459_1596609903705069_8107308262939249464_o-1 copy
  • Home_Ad_SLF_Holloween
  • Home_Ad_SLF_Holloween
  • Home_Ad_SLF_Holloween
  • Home_Ad_SLF_Holloween
  • Home_Ad_SLF_Holloween
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  • IMG_7996 copy
  • 16864319_1259956037373790_1796336790182179540_n copy
  • 501A4722-squashed#1
  • 16665579_577605455780252_255502704640462403_o copy
  • 16299878_10211414197374800_6639212477265184178_o-1
  • 2B2A8095-copy copy
  • 003
  • cme-a-night-of-hope
  • loshi_pathum-351
  • Shashika-Malith
  • Blue&White2016
  • 002
  • Wesak2016
  • Calypso-Night-Fundraiser
  • Sri Lanka Day 2014
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