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Sri Lanka Foundation Academy of Performing Arts mission is to preserve, support, celebrate and present to a wide range of audiences the culture, language, dance and arts of Sri Lanka through performances, workshops, educational outreach programs, and formal instruction.


We seek to nurture a vibrant artistic community to foster artistic excellence and bring together shared expression that intertwines Sri Lankan culture, music and arts to build diverse, innovative voices enlighten, engage and inspire change for a better world.
Dr. Walter Jayasinghe


DR. WALTER JAYASINGHE, A Sri Lankan by birth and a US Citizen by naturalization, is the Founder of The Sri Lanka Foundation. Dr. Jayasinghe – very respectfully and is graciously known to everyone as DR. JAY is a visionary, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He breathes patriotism, dedication and love for his motherland SRI LANKA, which was formerly known as Ceylon, and to many as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. He is an enthusiastic, self motivated individual who always strives to achieve a very high standard in whatever he undertakes. With his proven leadership abilities, extensive experience and understanding, he offers the ability to motivate others in any sphere of one’s interest. Dr. Jay is a firm believer that ‘Success is a debt, which one owes back to the society’. With this belief he set out to start the Sri Lanka Foundation in Los Angeles, California in 2003, which today has come a long way and reached out to many Sri Lankan expatriates worldwide to showcase their own talents, and rewarding them with pride.

Our Work

Since its inception in 2015 Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF) Academy of Performing Arts has worked with the community to build multicultural awareness. SLF Performing Arts Center brings together many like-minded people to form a vibrant community dedicated to dance, diversity, and inclusivity. We produce shows that reflect multi-cultural experiences within the community as well as shows that are cross-cultural.

Students participate in the creation, interpretations, and production of an original art inspired by the culture of Sri Lanka. Our students have participated in over 40 cultural events. They have also taken Sri Lankan traditional dance to the world stage at International Travel Shows, Multicultural Festivals, and other Special events. They have been invited to participate at State sponsored events, High school workshops and at Graduation ceremonies at Universities. With the Academy of Performing Arts, we pass on the beauty of Sri Lankan music, dance and language to members of our community. Children and adults of any culture are welcome into the sphere of Sri Lankan arts and language through classes that teach dance, drumming, and the Sinhala language. We, as an organization serve the community with various services such as Traditional and Fusion Dancers, Drummers, Traditional Wedding Services, and special choreography for all occasions.

Parent Involvement

Academy of Performing Arts is working toward educating parents and community members in understanding that student achievement is based on student accomplishment of the education plan learner outcomes and content standards. We encourage parents to take part in planning further development by active in the education plan, and roles, responsibilities, and communication channels are clearly delineated.


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On Sunday, May 19th, 2024, a distinguished delegation from the Accrediting Commission of Schools, Western […]

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Thursday, Feb 15, 2024

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Southern California proudly celebrates Sri Lanka’s 76th Independence Day!

Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024

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