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Protect the Lives of Women & Children in Sri Lanka

WIN currently has six crisis centres in Colombo, Jaffna, Matara, Anuradhapura, Batticaloa and Badulla. WIN help desks in police stations are based in Colombo, Anuradhapura, Badulla, Batticaloa, Kandy and Matara.

WIN help desks in hospitals are based in Colombo, Batticaloa, Kandy, Anuradhapura and Badulla. There are three shelters located in Colombo, Batticaloa and Matara. WIN’s resource centre is based in Matara. And WIN’s recycled paper project centres are in Colombo and Matara.

WIN provides essential crisis intervention support services to victims of violence so that women who are crippled by their situations are made strong, independent and protected.

Apart from the support that WIN provides for its victims, WIN also creates a sense of importance for why women need to be independent and strong – through livelihood programmes and social enterprise initiatives for victims to take up some form of employment in order to support themselves and their families.

Women In Need (WIN) is a nationally acclaimed non-governmental organization in Sri Lanka providing essential support services to women and girls victimized by gender-based violence. In 2018, WIN celebrated 30 years of dedication to addressing issues of violence against women in the country.

We are present in 6 Districts:

  • Anuradhapura – 025 2225708
  • Badulla – 055 2224395
  • Batticaloa – 065 2228388
  • Colombo – 011 2671411
  • Jaffna – 021 2225708
  • Matara – 041 2233760

WIN also has 7 police desks located in:

  • Police Women and Children’s Bureau – 011 3071121
  • Kirulapone Police Station – 011 3071122
  • Medawachchiya Police Station (Anuradhapura) – 077 7307894
  • Waligama Police Station (Matara) – 077 3560282
  • Batticaloa Police Station – 077 7913529
  • Badulla Police Station – 077 2083319
  • Puthukudurippu Police Station (Mulathivu) – 021 2061616

WIN’s 3 emergency shelters are located in:

Colombo, Matara and Batticaloa

Women In Need is present across the country, with crisis centers, help desks, and shelters based in the Western, Southern, Eastern, Central, Uva, Northern, North Central, and North-Western Provinces.

WIN has been fighting gender based violence over the last 30 years.

It has earned itself a reputation of national and international standing, working with the police, the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice, and other state and non-state actors, playing an enormous role in sensitising and educating people on gender based violence and its prevention. WIN has been in the forefront of advocating for changes in law and policies, and also has been contributing to many state dialogues on violence against women.

Savithri Wijesekera, the Executive Director of WIN, was appointed member of the National Police Commission of Sri Lanka in 2015, who is also the only female member in the Commission. She was also invited to be on the Leader of the Opposition’s Commission on the Prevention of Violence against Women and the Girl Child . The Commission was appointed in 2013 to make recommendations to the Leader of the Opposition on how VAW and the Girl Child can be prevented. Visit www.winsl.net to learn more.

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Violence has become a part of everyday culture in Sri Lankan homes, justifying men beating up their wives, justifying women being catcalled in the streets, justifying men raping women, justifying child abuse, and justifying gender inequality.


In Sri Lanka, every three out of five women are victims of domestic violence, and only 1% of victims use the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act to obtain redress. In Sri Lanka, a woman is raped every 90 minutes and 97% of rapists face no legal consequences.

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