News ≫ Sri Lanka America Association of Southern California hosts a Successful Hopper Night!

Sri Lanka America Association of Southern California hosts a Successful Hopper Night!

Jun 29, 2021
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Oh Boy!… What a great fun filled Night, was the response by all the Souls, dancing around wicket, of power packed, ”Double Century” of a crowd described in Cricketing parlance. As usual it was another, super duper Signature Sri Lanka America Association ‘Hopper Nite” named as “Ganga Addara Gee Nadaya” a day prior to Fathers Day. The Ambiance of Sri Lanka event was highlighted with great special Lankan Food dished out by the SLAASC Committee at own expense, led by President Samantha Kurera.

Hoppers, with crispy edges were made by the bevy of SLAASC Committee lasses dressed in traditional “Reddai Hette”. Most thought they were from “Pasyala” and almost all said “Its Kadju”!!! …..It definitely looked more so !!! “Bati” Kottu and “Kalmunai” Godambara were made by specially trained ex “Raheemas” staff with the rhythmic sounds competing with the Band!! 443 Egg Hoppers, beating Brian Lara’s one was dished out. Hoppers with and without strings was another option the “ The Appetite” crowd had, with each other wishing “Bon petite”!…… not forgetting the Pol Roti and Piittu which made the Lankan cuisine whole !!! A cash Bar supplemented the food with a range of Alcohol from “Waters of Scotland “ to our own “Sap of the Coconut” ! It was like after an “One and Half year drought” coming to an end as all were near the “Water Hole”! as sounds of Cheers were more prominent even with a social distance of 6 feet !..My foot!!!!!

After a stomach full of Lankan goodies and liver full of specialty drinks that cheers, the band consisting of “Ahindas” started the music with “Our Crowd” chanting “Baila Baila” . !!! Mano with son on bass, Kushan, Dr Eran on the keyboard and Janesh, entertained the crowd to some scintillating “Rangadena Baila” never seen earlier, in Southern California. The rhythm was so Lankan, that they virtually thought they were in “Akasa Kade” and danced with improvised “Moves” most probably practiced during quarantine.

The venue was in Eastvale and the “Artistic Walawa” owned by the gentle giant Nelupe the Rate Mahathya and his Menike, Sriyani matched the setting. It was supposed to end by 11.00 PM.!! When did Sri Lankan functions end on time?. The Crowd was so happy, they virtually said “ Api Gedera Yanne Nehe “ and the Band went on till 1.00 AM. The whole night was like getting another “Booster Dose” of Covid free Entertainment by America’s oldest Lankan Association SLAASC !! A good portion of the proceeds derived from the night was to be given to Sri Lanka to fight the dreaded Covid, which is taking a toll, in day to day lives of our brethren back home. All went home saying, we should have an “encore” of another Hopper Night…… Good Night !!

Written By SLASSC

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