News ≫ Lion’s Roar welcomes Mihiri Tillakaratne as a new Associate Editor

Lion’s Roar welcomes Mihiri Tillakaratne as a new Associate Editor

Sep 20, 2021
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Mihiri Tillakaratne recently became an Associate Editor at Lion’s Roar, where she focuses on Asian American Buddhist stories. Lion’s Roar, the largest-circulation Buddhist print and online publication in the English language, consists of Lion’s Roar magazine, the journal Buddhadharma, and the Lion’s Roar podcast.

As a Sri Lankan American Theravada Buddhist, Mihiri knows how important it is to highlight the complexity of Asian American Buddhist communities on a national and international scale. Mihiri is excited to feature lay and monastic Sri Lankan American Buddhists in upcoming publications. She is currently working with Sri Lankan American monastics, academics, activists, artists, scientists, and designers on future stories. If there are stories that you would like to share, please send your ideas to Mihiri at

Mihiri is also featured in this NBC News article by Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil, “Young Asian American Buddhists are reclaiming narrative after decades of white dominance,” about how Asian American Buddhists are re-centering themselves and their stories in discussions on Buddhism in the U.S.

Mihiri Tillakaratne is a PhD Candidate in Ethnic Studies and Gender, Women, and Sexuality at UC Berkeley, where she researches the Sri Lankan diaspora. She has a M.A. in Asian American Studies (UCLA) and a M.A. in Ethnic Studies (UC Berkeley), and graduated from Harvard with a major in History and a minor in Religion. Mihiri is the director of I Take Refuge, a documentary on Sri Lankan American Buddhist identity, and the founder of Sri Lankan Americans for Social Justice.

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