Yupun Abeykoon hits a new Sri Lankan record in 100m…

Sri Lankan sprinter Yupun Abeykoon has set a new record with a finishing time of 10.15 seconds at the Meeting di Savona Championship held in Italy. It shatters his own South Asian and National men’s 100 m record which he finished with a timing of 10.16 seconds at an international meet in Dessau, Germany last year.

He who appears to the fastest man in Sri Lanka received his education from St. Joseph Vaz College, Wennappuwa. If we explore his talents, he was able to secure the gold medal at the South Asian Games held in 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal. During South Asian Games, in the event of 4 X 100 m relay, the Sri Lankan quartet which included Yupun, Vinod, Suranjaya, and Eshan was able to break a 25-year old record claimed by the Indian team in 2004 (39.91 seconds) by finishing in a time of 39.14 seconds. Now, he is looking forward to getting into Olympics by running under a time of 10.05 seconds.

23-year-old Sri Lankan athlete Ushan Thiwanka hits a new South Asian and Sri Lankan record in the high jump…

Sri Lankan high jumper Ushan Thiwanka has set a new South Asian and Sri Lankan high jump record at the Lone Star Conference Championship held in Texas 2021, USA yesterday (08 May). Accordingly, he has registered a height of 2.30 m, thereby securing first place in the Men’s High Jump event at the outdoor championships. During his career as an athlete once has broken the long-standing High Jump record set by Manjula Weerasekara in 2004 (2.27 m).

23-year-old Ushan Thiwanka started athletics since he was schooling at Karunarathne Buddhist School at Ragama and developed his skills further at Maris Stella college under the mentorship of his coach Sanarath Fernando. This energetic youngster left the country on a scholarship to Texas A&M University-Commerce. It should be remarked mother Sri Lanka is privileged to have such gems who outshines her name in the world.

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Sri Lankan gymnast Milka Gehani earns wings to Tokyo Olympics…

18-year-old Milka Gehani de Silva can be named as the second Sri Lankan to be eligible for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. 

After qualifying through the continental quota, the cancellation of the 9th Senior Asian Gymnastic Championship which was supposed to be held from May 29 to June 01, Milka got increased chances to compete in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. According to the results of the World Championship, Milka Gehani has secured first place in Asia while the Indian gymnast Pranathi Nayak holds second place. 

If we explore Gehani’s talents, she has represented Sri Lanka several times trained under the coach the former National champion Ranjana Tharanga. Accordingly, the artistic gymnast was the Junior Champion from 2011 to 2014. As well she is the National champion in the years of 2017 and 2018, setting an area record. Her magnificent talents were showcased in Indonesia in 2018 and she was pushed into to top 8 at the Asian Championship. Also, she appeared at the Youth Olympic Games 2018, setting a new area record. 

It was Mathilda Karlsson who became the first Sri Lankan to qualify for Tokyo Olympics representing the equestrian event. 

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13-year-old Yevan David becomes the first Sri Lankan to win a karting event in an international arena…

Yevan David from Sri Lanka makes history by winning the Karting event held in Belgium. He was able to secure the championship in round 01 of the international event “2021 Champions of the Future Karting race” in Genk, Belgium. 

During the competition he was among the top 10 karters, subsequently, moving up to third at the halfway point of the 10-lap race. 

From lap 07 onwards, little Karter took the lead. 
Our little Karter hero places 15th among the Top 80 Karter drivers of the world. 

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SL celebrated the Silver jubilee for their victory in 1996 cricket world championship…

Sri Lanka completed 25 years of their 1996 Cricket World Championship to 17th March 2021, and the victory was celebrated. This historic moment was achieved at the Gaddafi International Cricket Stadium, Lahore, Pakistan defeating Australia.

The winning SL team was led by the coolest Cricket captain Arjuna Ranatunga. Sri Lanka; this small island in the Indian ocean caught the world’s attention after this historic victory. To commemorate the victory, the players of the winning team were honored again by giving them Gold medals, under government patronage.

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SL born physiotherapy expert to escort the medical team of the renowned tennis player to Aussieland…

Kusal Goonawardane, 45-year-old APA titled has been appointed to steer the medical team of the famous tennis player Laura Siegemund, ranked 51 globally.

Goonawardane who had to globetrot since his childhood had also been a Nalandian, completed his higher education at the University of Melbourne and earned his Masters from the University of La Trobe in Australia. He has further mentioned how he received this opportunity. It is that one of his athletes who played tennis has highly applauded him for his work to Laura’s coach, Antonio Zuccus, which eventually he received the opportunity.

Before this opportunity, Kusal Goonawardane has worked with many talented sportsmen and sportswomen as Phoebe Stanley- an Australian rowing champion, top cyclists as Freddy Ovett and Lachy Norris, Katya Crema- a dual winter Olympian, Jo Weston- a netballer so many others.

And this great man who is an expertise in his subject has got few opportunities to serve his motherland, Sri Lanka. He has worked as a consultant in physiotherapy and conducted several training programs for the physios in Sri Lanka. His recent attachment in terms of his service to Sri Lanka, is the conduct of a project just before the COVID-19 outbreak, to dole out the Australian know-how with the physios in SL. And also, back in 2014, he has been contacted by the commander of the Sri Lankan army back then; Daya Rathnayake to train the physios in the army, which ultimately resulted in entry into some of the events in Paralympics and Asian games as a result of the successful completion of his task.

Also, he all this time, who has been watchful of the ups and the downs of the Sri Lankan sports has reasoned them to fulfill with few requirements as accountability among the athletes, expert coaches, and expertise in sports medicine and administration.

With his immense contribution to World sports, he is too instrumental in making proud SL.

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A new Sports Act will be introduced for Sri Lanka; Sports Minister

Colombo (News 1st); Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa on Tuesday (18) said his main aim as Minister of Sports is to introduce a new Sports Act for Sri Lanka.

Speaking to News 1st after officially assuming duties as the Minister of Sports, Namal Rajapaksa said the existing Sports Law was subject to 04 separate amendments since 1973 and the need of the hour is for a fresh Sports Act.

The new Sports Act will be prepared in consultation of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, The Attorney General’s Department, and the Justice Minister, said Namal Rajapaksa.

” Sports bodies must function independently and there needs to be transparency within those bodies as well as in the Sports Ministry,” said the new Sports Minister.

He further said a Sports Council will be set up to uplift sports in the villages and upgrade the talents to reach national standards.

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I told to stop the Royal-Thomian match: President

Commenting on the Royal-Thomian cricket encounter, where a First Officer of SriLankan Airlines who was found positive for the virus has attended, President Rajapaksa today said he asked the organizers not to go ahead with the cricket match.

He said a decision was taken to suspend the big match between the two schools but he allowed it to continue following the requests of the students and the school administration. “They insisted to go ahead with the match,” he said.

“The result was a virus infected First Officer of SriLankan Airlines attending the cricket encounter. Today, some of the SriLankan Airlines staff members have been asked to undergo the self-quarantine process,” he said.

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Mathilda Karlsson targetting final round at Tokyo Olympics

By Susil Premalal/daily mirror

She may be the first ever showjumper representing Sri Lanka to qualify for the Olympics, but Mathilda Karlsson has targeted more than just participation at this year’s Tokyo games.

The Sri Lankan-born, Swedish-raised equestrian athlete, who is so far the only athlete from Sri Lanka to qualify for Tokyo 2020, on Thursday said that she had set her eyes on qualifying for the final stage of the showjumping competition, and maybe even challenge for a medal.

“I am very excited (about competing in the Olympics). I have surrounded myself with good people who will help me get to Tokyo very well prepared. My goal is definitely to qualify for the final round, hopefully (win) a medal. It’s realistic to make the final round when you look at the results I have had in the last year,” Karlsson said.

Karlsson’s qualification to the games was secured when she and her horse, Chopin VA, finishing second in the Olympic Ranking for South East Asia and Oceania at the end of the qualification period last month.

With the rules of competition tying the points a show-jumper accumulates in a season to the horse they use, Chopin VA will travel with Karlsson to compete in Tokyo.

In the last year, Karlsson has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the Longines FEI Jumping Rankings, making up almost a thousand places, and moving up to 280 in the rankings along with qualifying for the Olympics, although at one stage it appeared unlikely she would make the cut for the showpiece event.

With Chopin VA diagnosed with lyme disease, Karlsson had to make the difficult decision of allowing her horse to recover for five months, severely hampering her chances of booking her ticket for the Tokyo games.

But with Chopin VA returning to competition a month before the end of the qualification deadline, Karlsson and her horse were able to collect the 250 points she required to meet Olympic qualification. She hopes that the Olympics will be a platform for her to make even more ground in the sport.

“My target is to reach the top 100 in the world ranking,” Karlsson added.

Karlsson, born in Kandy, was adopted by a Swedish couple when she was just three months old, growing up in Kristianstad, Sweden before moving to Germany where her passion for equestrianism blossomed into a career.

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