See Attached Video, President addressed the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Saturday left the country for the United States to attend the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, his office said in a statement.

This is President Rajapaksa’s first foreign conference he will take part in outside the country and it is also his first address to the United Nations General Assembly.

President Rajapaksa is expected to address the General Assembly and is also expected to hold bilateral discussions with several heads of state during the session, the statement said.

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Congresswoman Dina Titus meets with Community Leaders in Nevada & California to discuss COVID Relief Efforts

On September 9th, 2021 the Hon Consul General, Dr Lalith Chandradasa, Sanje Sedara, The President of the Sri Lanka America Association of Las Vegas, Samantha Kurera, President of the Sri Lanka America Association of Southern California, Keshini Wijegoonaratna, the Director of Project Management and Public Relations of the Sri Lanka Foundation International, Lucky Rajasinghe, Daya Gamage, Dushyantha Kurera along with the staff of the Congressional District office of the Congresswoman Dina Titus met on a zoom meeting to discuss further details of COVID Relief efforts in Sri Lanka.

Congresswoman Dina Titus from Nevada’s 1st Congressional District is the strongest ally Sri Lankan Americans have in the Congress. As the Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus of Sri Lanka she always stood for the best interest of the people of Sri Lanka. As recently as last month, Congresswoman Titus was instrumental in getting 1.5 million doses of Covid -19 vaccines to Sri Lanka and currently advocating the US government to provide much needed medical aid to Sri Lanka.

See links below letters written to the Department of State and the response from the Department of State.

Letter to Sec. Blinken on COVID in Sri Lanka (3)

Response from State to Sri Lanka COVID letter 9-2-21 (2)

See links below to recent articles published in Island News Paper about the Congresswoman’s involvement with Sri Lanka. .

Russia Granted Three Flights per Week to SriLankan Airines

The aviation regulatory body of the Federation of Russia, Federal Air Transport Agency Russia (FATAR) has granted three flights per week to SriLankan Airlines. SriLankan airlines resumed scheduled weekly flights on 30th of July 2021 to Moscow and the negotiations were held parallel to this occasion. During the discussion of Sri Lanka bilateral relations, the Sri Lanka delegation skillfully negotiated by securing three weekly flights instead of approved two between Colombo to the Russian Capital Moscow.

Upul Dharmadasa, Chairman of Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, Alexander V Neradko, Director General of FATAR, Vipula Goonathilaka, Chief Executive Officer of SriLankan Airlines and senior officers of FATAR attended the negotiations.

U.S. donates over 1.5 million Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka — The U.S. has donated over 1.5 million doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to Sri Lanka. These vaccines, delivered through COVAX, will save lives and increase COVID-19 vaccination coverage essential to ending the pandemic.

“These vaccines are given at no cost to the Government of Sri Lanka as part of America’s commitment to ending the global pandemic and our enduring partnership with the people of Sri Lanka. They will help Sri Lankans get back to work and to stay healthy, a gift we make in reflection of the long-standing friendship between the United States and Sri Lanka,” said Alaina Teplitz, the U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives. “Our partnership with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health, UNICEF, and other global COVAX partners to deliver these vaccines is critical to controlling the pandemic, slowing the emergence of new variants, and helping to restart the global economy.”

This vaccine delivery builds on the United States government’s ongoing leadership on global vaccination efforts as the world’s largest donor to COVAX. The 1.5 million doses delivered to the Sri Lankan Government today are part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to providing equitable global access to safe and effective vaccines. As noted by the White House, “Our vaccines do not come with strings attached. We are doing this with the singular objective of saving lives.”

COVAX is a platform that provides safe, effective, and high-quality WHO-authorized COVID-19 vaccines to countries around the world. As the global leader in public health assistance and the largest single donor supporting COVAX, the U.S. has already donated $2 billion to the program to combat the pandemic.

The United States has worked closely with Sri Lanka since the pandemic began to protect public health, providing over $8 million in emergency supplies and critical services, plus an in-kind donation of 200 ventilators, to support the Sri Lankan Government’s response to the pandemic. This assistance has reached millions of people in all 25 districts and nine provinces of Sri Lanka to control the spread of COVID-19, address the urgent health needs of the Sri Lankan people, mitigate the pandemic’s negative economic impacts, and ultimately save lives.

The U.S. is committed to leading the global response to this pandemic, not only because this will keep people safe, but because it is the right thing to do. These doses are delivered in coordination with COVAX, in partnership with Sri Lankan government. We are proud to partner with Sri Lanka to build back a better world.


As we are aware since the first case of a Chinese tourist with Covid-19 reported in Sri Lanka in January 2020, Sri Lanka’s response to Covid-19 can be reviewed as provocative. Relevant steps were taken in advance and Sri Lanka was able to hold back the spread till April of 2021, when the restrictions were relaxed.

However, lack of Personal Protection Equipment, a shortage of trained health care providers, unavailability of updated population registers at the local level and lack of consistency in action by the authorities in testing, lackadaisical response to second wave by people and the institution have stood as some of the major challenges to the country’s response to the current situation. Sri Lanka was unable to secure much needed Covid-19 vaccination due to India’s struggles with the pandemic.

Sri Lanka is adding up 2196 new Covid-19 cases a day while, losing 52 people a day. To date Sri Lanka had 246,109 Covid-19 cases and total deaths of 2,769. Sri Lanka has 11,447 Covid-19 infections and 129 deaths per one million population. Sri Lanka has the highest weekly death averages per million people in the region with 2.49 deaths (52 deaths a day), Compared to Maldives with 2.11 deaths, India with 1.27 deaths, Bangladesh with 0.39 deaths, Pakistan with 0.16 deaths. United States has a weekly death average of 0.89 deaths. On April 26, 2021, Sri Lanka Weekly death average per million was 0.18 Deaths. Eek ago, Sri Lanka had a weekly death average of 3.44, which was one of the highest in the world.

Currently Sri Lanka is losing nearly 52-60 everyday people. We all are at the risk of loosing our relatives and close friends in our motherland. Only solution is to obtain more vaccines. As we are currently shut out of vaccines from India (due to their own struggles), Sri Lanka’s only hope remains with vaccines from US and from China. Currently we have about 600,000 people who have got vaccinated with COVISHEILD (AstraZeneca) vaccine and not being able to get their second vaccine due to unavailability of the AstraZeneca Vaccine. USA has about 500 million doses of AstraZeneca doses and Biden Administration is planning to distribute them globally.

Latest communication indicates that approximately 16 million doses of AstraZeneca Vaccine being allocated for Asia to the following countries: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Cambodia, and the Pacific Islands. Population wise of the countries on the above list, Sri Lanka is only ahead of Bhutan, Maldives, Papua New Guinea and Pacific Island, thus our vaccine allocation needs to be made on our alarming death rate.

We need to make a push to obtain as many vaccines as possible to Sri Lanka. This can only be done by the Sri Lankan American Citizens calling their Congressmen/Women. We need everyone of you to call to save lives.

Firstly – Please call/email your congressman/woman today and leave/send a message. A guide on how to call and what to say is attached.

How to call your representative

Secondly – If you wish, please make a donation of $ 10.00 0r more for COVID-19 Relief Funds to one of the following trusted organizations:

Sri Lanka Foundation at:

Sri Lanka America Association at:

Sri Lankan appointed to US President’s Commission on White House Fellowships

Dr. George E. Gabriel has been appointed by US President Joe Biden to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

Dr. Gabriel is originally from Sri Lanka and studied at the University of Kelaniya before immigrating to the United States.

A lifelong educator and researcher with over 40 years of demonstrated experience on two continents, he has a strong belief that higher education is the primary tool for socioeconomic mobility with equity at the heart of the mobility agenda.

Dr. Gabriel is a first-generation college graduate and an immigrant to the United States who obtained his doctorate at Vanderbilt University as a Fulbright Scholar.

He has spent over a quarter century as a researcher and administrator at two large community colleges.

“His focus has been on student success in community colleges with the specific goal to narrow achievement gaps in student outcomes by implementing innovative practices,” a White House release said.

President Biden has appointed 22 members to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

“The Commission is composed of outstanding citizens who reflect the diversity and strength of America while representing a broad range of backgrounds, experiences, and professions.”

Commissioners are responsible for recommending a group of candidates to the President for selection as White House Fellows, a prestigious program for leadership and public service that provides young Americans experience working at the highest levels of the federal government.

“These leaders represent the best of America – our collective character, creativity, and diversity. I am grateful these dedicated and accomplished Americans will help select and mentor the next class of White House Fellows who demonstrate exceptional leadership, unwavering passion, and a strong commitment to public service,” said President Biden.

Courtesy-Ada Derana, Sri Lanka

Travel related health directive issued by Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka

By- Mr Upul Dharmadasa
Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka

Quarantine Measures for TRAVELERS arriving from overseas during the Pandemic of COVIC-19.

Quarantine Measures for fully Vaccinated Sri Lankans or Dual Citizens who have a residence/ home in Sri Lanka.

See attached for detailed information.

7th June Health Directive 2

4th June CAA Notice N Tou 2

Foreign Governments Request Covid-19 Vaccine Doses as U.S. Prepares to Share

Countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have petitioned the U.S. for Covid-19 vaccines as the Biden administration prepares to share 80 million doses, which foreign governments say they need to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Dozens of countries have sought a chunk of the doses the U.S. plans to donate overseas by the end of June, a senior administration official said.

“What the U.S. has is a gold mine,” Ravinatha Aryasinha, Sri Lanka’s ambassador to the U.S., said in an interview.

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