Tashiya Kameel Piyadasa

In recognition of perseverance, athleticism, and national championship achievements in the sport of table tennis

We awarded Tashiya Kameel Piyadasa because she is such a fierce competitor in table tennis. Her achievements at the national level are outstanding!

Tashiya Kameel Piyadasa was born in Pasadena, California to Sri Lankan parents, Thilina Piyadasa and Rifkha Kameel. She is currently attending middle school in Southern California. Table Tennis clearly runs in her blood! Tashiya’s father, Thilina, was a Sri Lankan national table tennis champion for 8 years and is a national-level coach for Team USA. Tashiya’s mother, Rifkha, was also a national table tennis player in Sri Lanka. Tashiya’s younger sister, Tiana, is also a table tennis champion.

Tashiya is the only Sri Lankan American to become a national champion in Table Tennis in the USA and represent the USA national Table Tennis team. In 2022, she won a gold medal at the 2022 US Open Table Tennis Championship. In the 2023 Pan American Championships in Ecuador, she secured four gold medals and an additional gold and silver in the 2023 USA National Table Tennis Championships. This remarkable accomplishment was followed by a silver medal at the 2023 World Hope Challenge in France and a bronze medal at the 2023 World Table Tennis Youth Contender Helsingborg event held in Sweden. It’s been a busy year for Tashiya!

Amazingly, Tashiya and her sister Tiana found themselves competing against each other in the 2023 USA National Table Tennis Championships. Their father, Thilina described it best, “Witnessing Tashiya and Tiana facing off against each other in the national finals of the Girls U13 (under 13) division was an unforgettable memory. This unique sibling rivalry showcased their shared dedication to the sport and the competitive edge that pushes them to their limits. Their battle not only captivated spectators but also highlighted their skills and provided immense pride to our family.”

The Sri Lanka Foundation thanks Tashiya Kameel Piyadasa for all her hard work and the level of excellence she has achieved in table tennis. Her collection of medals in this field is a great source of pride for both the US and Sri Lanka.