Susantha Halambarachchige

An old boy of Nalanda Vidyalaya, Colombo, Susantha Halambarachchige, since his migration to the United States has excelled at the tender age of 32, as CEO of a US-based multi-million dollar company in Texas. He pioneered in the introduction of coconut fiber based products of the North American markets and after four short years he managed to expand his business to an additional thirty countries. What is even more impressive is that he built his company from scratch without any US or other foreign capital of share investments. He introduced his products to the state of Hawaii and the result is that the Hawaiian state government is now using his products to safeguard their coastal line from sea erosion.

Susantha’s love for his motherland was amply demonstrated when he started his pilot project in the Galle town in Sri Lanka to help the tsunami victims in 2004.