Sunera Indika Samarakoon

Sunera was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, unable to walk, but has become junior athlete of the year in British Columbia, Canada. He began using a wheelchair at age seven.

He was named to the Canadian Junior National team and attended the 2005 Junior World Championships in Birmingham, UK.

Sunera represented British Columbia at the 2005 junior nationals and also plays wheelchair basketball on the senior men’s provincial team which won a silver medal in 2005.

Born in Colombo, Sri Lankan, 20 year old Sunera is a graduate from Douglas College, British Columbia and started playing wheelchair basketball in 2002.

Sunera’s dreams do not stop at playing for local basketball teams. He wants to make it as far as the 2012 Paralympics.

His strength is a shining example of persistence, determination and talent.