Professor Primal de Lanerolle

Prof. Primal de Lanerolle was born in Colombo and migrated to the United States of America in 1958. He is a man of the classical renaissance; a man of letters, an accomplished and awarded scientist, humanist, educator, successful businessman, athlete, craftsman, and hobbyist. He has advanced degrees in both Physiological Science and English Literature. He is intellectually versatile and well rounded and enlightened in English Literature. In addition, he is also versatile in theater arts, math, science and even fly fishing and auto mechanism.
His contribution to society is immeasurable. As a Scientist, he personally made several important discoveries in molecular cell biology and has contributed to many other studies. As an Educator, he parts his knowledge with Medical Students and teachers and guides Ph.D. candidates. He helps shape the direction of the US Medical School policy & practices.
As a Humanist, in honor and furtherance of his father’s work he has cataloged and published his father’s remarkable plays and literary work of Sri Lanka. Been an entrepreneur and businessman, he owns and manages a large and successful private school for your children in San Francisco. He has received many accolades for his achievements and held very high ranking positions in his career.