Prof. Nalin Kulatilaka

Nalin Kulatilaka is Wing Tat Lee Family Professor of Management and a Professor of Finance at the Boston University, School of Management. He is the co-Director of the Clean Energy and Environmental Sustainability Initiative (CEESI) at Boston University. His current research interests include real options, financing distributed energy investments, and contract design.

Professor Kulatilaka has published over 75 papers in top academic journals as well as influential managerial publications. His book, Real Options (HBS Press), has received wide acclaim. He received the Association for Investment Management and Research’s Graham and Dodd Award in recognition of outstanding feature articles published in the Financial Analysts Journal, held the Bertil Danielsson Professor (2003) at the Stockholm School of Economics and Göteborg University, and the Tamkang Chair, at the Tamkang University, Taiwan (1997-1998).

Professor Kulatilaka has addressed a wide range of executive audiences on issues of risk management and real options. He was the recipient of the 1998 John Russell award for excellence in executive teaching.

Professor Kulatilaka has co-founded several companies, most recently FirstFuel Software. He has served as a consultant/advisor to many major corporations and is on the Board of Directors of Assette and Advisory Boards of WattzOn and EnergyPoints.

Professor Kulatilaka holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Imperial College, London), a S.M. in Decision and Control Engineering (Harvard University), and a Ph.D. in Economics/Finance (MIT).