Mr. Rukshan Perera

Mr. Rukshan Perera, was born in the musical town of Moratuwa. At the tender age of 12, Rukshan formed his family band and performed their originals at a Radio Ceylon program with Dr. Vijaya Corea. Whilst still a schoolboy at Royal College Rukshan joined the famous 70s band The Super Golden Chimes that rocked Sri Lanka with ‘King of Pop’ Clarence Wijewardena and Annesley Malawana.

After moving to USA, Rukshan graduated with Summa Kum Laude in Information Systems and followed up with an MBA degree in Management. Thereafter, Rukshan worked as an IT manager at Philip Morris International in New York for 2 decades and as an IT consultant at Younger Optics in Los Angeles before retiring from the IT world to continue his love for music in his motherland.

Combining his musical talents with his passion for humanity, Rukshan volunteers his service for several Sri Lankan charities. He began his annual “Rukshan Perera Live In Concert” series 9 years ago and have raised millions of rupees each year for several charities.

Today Rukshan is a well sort after composer who writes songs on current events and promotes social values – songs on clean environment, health, peace and unity, songs for Sri Lanka, religious/racial harmony, songs for the poor and sick, tributes to world leaders…etc. Being a composer, arranger, singer and a multi-instrumentalist, Rukshan has released his originals on a CD and 2 live DVDs in the genres of pop, jazz, blues, acapellas and fusion. He has performed at jazz/pop concerts/festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Texas, Minnesota, Canada, India, Dubai, Zambia, Denmark, Switzerland, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney to name a few.

It’s also worth noting Rukshan’s two very unique musical talents – he has mastered the style of jazz harmony scat (improvising on guitar while scatting in harmony), and has the ability to whistle in two parts (melody and harmony) simultaneously – not seen anywhere in the world!!

Rukshan is currently a trustee of Unity Mission Trust, an organization that promotes Peace and Unity through Unity Camps for children aged 13-20. During his presidency at the Rotary club of Colombo Metropolitan last year, he was awarded the Best President and the Best Club in the country for his humanitarian work. Currently he is an Assistant Governor and working on a unique project for Sri Lanka via Rotary to teach Ethics and Values to children through video animated songs and build the foundation for a society of good mannered, civic minded, decent people in Sri Lanka.