Mr. Alston Koch

Mr. Alston Koch is a Sri Lanka born Australian singer-songwriter, film producer, record producer and actor. He was awarded “World Artist of The Year” at the Global Officials of Dignity Awards presented at the United Nations in New York and also received State of California Senate’s Certificate of Recognition and Certificate of Special US Congressional Recognition for improving the lives of the communities in America. Since 2007, he has been the Ambassador for Tourism for Sri Lanka. Alston is the first Sri Lankan to be awarded a Gold Record internationally for his song Disco Lady as written and performed by him.

He migrated to Sydney, Australia where he was most successful in the entertainment and professional music industry while recording for RCA/Laser Records and the Australian TV Network Channel 9’s “Living Sound” recording label. He was often lauded in the Australian and Asian media as “Asia’s King of Pop” or “Pop King of Asia” after gaining international success in the late 1970s. He has performed worldwide and achieved international success in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Sri Lanka among other places.

In Australia, he formed his band Dark Tan and recorded three international hits on the RCA label. He has performed internationally with Dark Tan, S-witch, and as a solo artist. One notable appearance was during ‘The Stars & Stripes Concert’ in 1976, performing under the Sydney harbor bridge on a floating pontoon for Radio 2SM. In 1986 Alston Koch was selected and commissioned by the Australian Task Force to write, produce and perform the America’s Cup album, The Kookaburra Connection with the theme song “Kookaburra” released both as a single and music video broadcast during the race. In 2008, Koch wrote a song about climate change for a United Nations WTO presentation in London. The song was also presented by Geoffrey Lipman Chairman of ICTP at the ‘Live the Deal Climate Change’ conference in Copenhagen to all the World’s leaders. He was a Lead Actor in the movie ‘According to Mathew’, and also an Executive Director and Associates Director for a period of time. He has received many honors in the field of song and film.

Mr. Koch presently lives in Los Angeles and shuttles to Australia every now and then.