Keith Ranga

For his excellence as an Artist, Humanitarian, and Community Leadership.

Keith Ranga is Awarded the Srimerican of the Year for his humanitarian principles to advocate for people’s survival, well-being, and dignity. He has delivered assistance to those in need without any adverse distinction.

Keith Ranga was born in Sri Lanka and emigrated to the U.S. in 1992. He attended De Mazenod college in Kandana, Sri Lanka. Keith Ranga began his acting career at 14 in an independent movie in Sri Lanka, followed by two other movies before moving to the U.S.

Keith Ranga has made a measurable impact in the past 20 years with his dedication to the Sri Lankan American community as a passionate advocate to provide his humanitarian services and promote culture. In 2006 he was elected president of the Sri Lanka America Association of Southern California. He immediately stepped into his role by evaluating the needs of our community and established a networking system with his executive committee to reach out to families that needed assistance in professional or personal matters. By providing this service, he connected with many families in the Sri Lankan community and provided exceptional services.

In 2006 Keith Ranga organized the very first Cultural Show for Sri Lanka Independence Day, collaborating with the Consul General of Sri Lanka. About 100 performers took part, which was witnessed by hundreds of foreign diplomats and a large crowd of people from our community. He planted a precious seed that day to lay the groundwork for something that developed and expanded into an annual event celebrating Sri Lanka Independence Day. Also, in 2006 Keith Ranga took the leadership to organize the very first “Parade of Lanka” at the Santa Monica Promenade, which was hosted by the Sri Lanka Foundation International, USA and was viewed by over a hundred thousand people. In 2007 Keith Ranga coordinated the very first “Ranwan Reyek” production to introduce the Sinhala Cinema to the new Sri Lankan American younger generation. These productions allowed many young Sri Lankan American kids to be involved in Los Angeles. Also, in 2007 he organized the Tea Expo and collaborated with the Sri Lankan Consulate office in Los Angeles to promote Sri Lankan Buddhist Temples in Los Angeles. He has supported many Sri Lankan social and cultural events by volunteering his services.

In 2017 Keith Ranga took the leadership to showcase the “Parade of Lanka” in the Rose Parade route in Pasadena on Sri Lanka day, which now has become the main attraction of Sri Lanka Day anticipated by the local community. In 2018 he took the leadership to organize the 70 years of Independence Day event at UCLA. In 2019 Keith Ranga was cast as a lead actor for two upcoming Sinhala productions, which will be shown in Los Angeles. He also took a role as a producer, brought many actors to the U.S., and offered accommodation, food, and transportation to provide opportunities for them to succeed in a foreign country.

He has received the following Awards, “The Young Sri Lankan Artist Award 2018” presented by the Los Angeles Ranwan Reyek Foundation for his extraordinary contribution to Sri Lankan Cinema, “Promoting Sri Lankan Culture Appreciation Award” presented by the Sri Lanka Foundation International in Los Angeles for his valuable services in organizing and conducting the “Parade of Lanka” on Sri Lanka Day 2017, “Leadership Award” from the Sri Lanka America Association in 2013, “Certificate of Appreciation” presented by the Consul General of Sri Lanka in 2011 for his services rendered towards the community, Certificate of Appreciation presented for his excellent leadership qualities by the Sri Lanka America Association in 2005-2006, Top “Salesman of the Year 2017” by Colonial Life Insurance Company.

Sri Lanka Foundation would like to Thank and Acknowledge Keith Ranga, who continues to strive to inspire people to become more involved in the community, reaching out to those who are not as privileged as others and sharing his talents with those around to make a positive change in our community and to the entire world.