Eranga and Prianga Pieris

Born in Sri Lanka, Eranga is an alumni of St. Paul’ Convent, Milagiriya and Prianga is an alumni of St.Thomas College, Mount Lavinia.

The duo was discovered by Tony Fernando in 1965 and began their career at the world famous Galle Face Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Eranga and Prianga are credited with introducing the first cloth and jacket dress code in a public dance in Sri Lanka. A German music critic called the duo “Ambassadors of the Tea Island” and since then they have been performing in 15 languages and promoting Sri Lankan music for nearly 50 years years internationally. Some of their most famous songs include “Podi Nono” and “Vessanthra”.

After a successful beginning in Sri Lanka, Eranga and Prianga migrated to London. In England, the duo rose to stardom with appearance for 5 consecutive years on the award winning BBC TV series “Blue Peter” featuring their own composition called “Rala Bindu.” They also performed in the BBC TV series “Jackanory” featuring songs and stories from Sri Lanka.

The performances and talent of Eranga and Prianga have been praised and reviewed by many leading newspapers and media including New York Times and London Express and famous stars such as Harry Belafonte.

Eranga and Priange have performed solo concerts in many world famous locations and concert halls including the Royal Festival Hall in London and the United Nations in New York. They have been featured on BBC TV and ZDF German Television.

Eranga and Prianga have starred in many famous television, movie and even a acclaimed “Super Bowl” Commercial in 2000. The “Money Coming Out of the Wazoo” featuring Prianga has constantly been rated one of the top “Super Bowl” commercials of all time by leading media organizations including NBC and USA Today.

Eranga starred opposite the great Lucille Ball in her last movie “Stone Pillow”. Prianga has appeared opposite the great Bill Cosby in “Cosby Mysteries”, “Law & Order” TV series and in the award winning series “The Sopranos” opposite Dr. Melfi.

Eranga and Prianga have received many awards for their music and talents inlcuding Golden Clef award from the Sunday Observer in Sri Lanka, Award from the Canada Sri Lanka American Association for Promoting Sri Lankan Cultural Music, an award from the Jewish Organization in Ottawa for performing in the Hebrew language, the Award for Perpetuating Peace and Harmony from the Hadassah in Westchester, New York and awards from the New York Police Department for fundraising.

In addition to their deep roots in Sri Lanka with music, Eranga and Prianga have been leading philanthropic efforts to support many Sri Lankan causes and organizations, including the Pediatric wing of the Matara Hospital in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in Queens, New York, the Presidents Fund in Sri Lanka and many Sri Lankan hospitals that have needed medical equipment and supplies. Eranga and Prianga were invited by the Sri Lanka Tea Board as Ambassadors of the Tea Island at the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Erang and Prianga currently reside in Manhatten, New York with their son who is also a musician and Marketing and Investment professional. In 2014, Eranga and Prianga celebrated their Golden Anniversary.