Late Dr. Tony Chandraratna

A leader in the field of heart research, Dr. Tony Chandraratna balances his duties between Chief of the Division of Cardiology in the Long Beach VA Medical Center and Professor of Medicine, University of California, Irvine. Dr. Chandraratna’s humanitarian ambition to help other individuals led him to create several devices to assist heart patients, holding patents for a total of 5 of the devices that earned him numerous grants for further heart disease research.

His patents include: Ultrasound Microscope for Imaging of Living Tissues, Ultrasound Transducer Device for Continuous Imaging of the Heart and Other Body Parts, Non-Invasive Acoustic Screening Device for Coronary Stenosis, while patent applications are pending for Ultrasound Devices and Methods for treating Ischemia and other Cardiovascular Disorders and Device and Methods for Facilitating Wall Motion Analysis on Echocardiograms.

His professional and academic contributions included, 180 publications, 13 research grants, chapters in 30.