Dr. Sumudu Herath Mudiyanselage, Ph.D.

For his excellence in Civil Engineering, Machine Learning in Homogenization, and Design of Technical Textiles for Space Structure.

Dr. Sumudu Herath Mudiyanselage is Awarded the Rising Star for his research on the rapid boost in the additive manufacturing of textiles and the trending machine learning field and the potential to use them in the domain of computational mechanics for efficient numerical simulations.

Dr. Herath is a student at Royal College, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Soon before his school graduation in 2010, he was ranked second in the country for the GCE AL examination in the physical science stream.

After he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka, he was awarded a prestigious Cambridge Trust Scholarship to pursue his doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge. Further, he passed the Master’s degree requirement due to his exceptional performance in his Bachelor’s degree. He received the Gold Medal for the Most outstanding graduate in academic and extracurricular activities of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa. In addition, he was awarded the Gold Medal for the first rank in Civil Engineering, where he achieved a record-breaking GPA of 4.12(/4.20), which remains the highest in department history. At the same convocation, he received 11 more awards for all-around excellence. Some of his awards during his life at the University of Moratuwa include the Dean’s List for obtaining a Grade Point Average (GPA) above 3.8 in all academic semesters; the National Prize for Enterprise Strategy (E3) in May 2012 CIMA exams (World rank 95); National Prize for Corporate Reporting (P2) in June 2013 in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams (World rank 7), Poh Scholarship recipient (out of 40,000 students). Dr. Herth’s doctoral thesis contains his original research on machine learning in homogenization and designing technical textiles for space structures at the University of Cambridge. His collaborations with NUS, Singapore, and Cambridge, UK, have led him to publish his works in high-impact, internationally peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Dr. Herath is a co-author of more than twenty such scientific publications. Dr. Herath is currently a visiting professor at TU Darmstadt, where he looks at novel ways of simulating material systems using various statistical techniques.

Sri Lanka Foundation would like to Thank and Acknowledge Dr. Sumudu Herath Mudiyansalage, in addition to his academic career, for being very involved with the Sri Lankan community by volunteering as a mentor for undergraduate students on their research and career prospects, advisor on foreign higher study opportunities for budding engineers from Sri Lankan Universities, mentor of the Sustainable Education Foundation (SEF), a non-profit organization to improve the quality of education in Sri Lanka.