Rohan Sourjah

Born in Sri Lanka, Rohan attended Royal College in Colombo for his primary and secondary education. Rohan Sourjah has deep roots with expatriate Sri Lankan communities in U.S.A and globally. During the “Gulf War”, Rohan Sourjah personally oversaw and led the evacuation of a 400 vehicle convoy of civilians including Sri Lankans working in Kuwait to the safety of neighboring Saudi Arabia. While working in Kuwait, Rohan fought and gained equal privileges to Sri Lankan workers as enjoyed by other nationalities. Rohan’s persuasions to company’s helped desperate Sri Lankan workers facing hardship leave without any contractual disputes.

Rohan Sourjah is currently President and Owner of Trico Maritime International USA with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. His company was recognised by Magaya Corporation as a success story in the logistics businesses among the small business category in 2013/14. He has been awarded the Volunteer of the Year 2013, Harbor City Harbor Gateway (HCHG) Chamber of Commerce by Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Counciman Joe Buscaino. Roshan Sourjah was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Harbor City harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce and served since 2012 to date. He is Chairman of International Trade Committee and member of the Gateway Resources Committee (G2R Committee) serving the industry in the Harbor City community.

In 2004, Rohan Sourjah helped secure 4-40 foot containers from Hyundai Shipping Lines to send much needed supplies to Sri Lanka. Rohan has served the Sri Lanka Muslim Association as a Committee Member since 1999, Vice President in 2004 and President in 2005. He helped draft the constitution of the association to fulfill a long term need of the Sri Lankan Muslim community. Under his leadership as President; the Sri Lanka Muslim Association gifted 10 fishing boats to fisherman who had lost their livelihood. He helped in building school in Kennai, Sri Lanka and funded the rebuilding of villages in the worst hit areas on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

Rohan has been a member of the Royal College Old Boys Association of North America (RCOBANA) since 1999 and appointed as editor in 2013 and 2014. He shares responsibility of organizing the annual RCOBANA Blue & Gold Dance in Los Angeles and the Inter-School Rugby 7’s tournament. Rohan, along with RCOBANA supported the “Win the World with English” ; a six month program providing English language training for 40 deserving students from Royal College. Rohan was responsible for guiding and directing a young entrepreneur from Sri Lankan who wanted access to companies in America who sold products for athletes and bodybuilders. Through his tireless efforts and leadership Rohan was able to support the Sri Lankan entrepreneur realize his dreams and grow his business to a 4 retails outlets in Sri Lanka. Rohan correspondances on beahalf of the Sri Lankan entrepreneur, visited trade shows and ensured the signing of agreements to become agent for respective products in Sri Lanka.

Rohan Sourjah also helped the establishment of the importing of heirloom Red Rice from Sri Lanka for the Rural Returns Development Organization (RRDO). Rohan’s efforts once again helped another Sri Lankan entrepreneur when he successfully lobbied against efforts by FDA, USDA and CBP to prevent the import of heirloom red rice. His work in this endavor has also helped hundreds of farmers rebuild their lives in Sri Lanka through these exports. Rohan also assisted RRDO to reduce cost by speaking on their behalf with other service providers to provide cost effective services.

Rohan also provides free services to the Give Light Foundation (GLF) to ship books, toys and stationary to Sri Lanka from U.S.A. While growing Trico Maritime International USA, Rohan Sourjah has gainfully employed and mentored many Sri Lankan youth to become established in the United States of America. Rohan Sourjah was also vital in assisting a young entrepreneur in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka find medical testing equipment from America so the young Sri Lankan could establish his medical channeling practice. Rohan has also helped two Sri Lankan entrepreneurs in the music industry find musical instruments from U.S.A. and provide ways and means for these instruments to be sent to Sri Lanka through the most economical and efficient method.

Rohan Sourjah lives in Torrance, California.