Dr. Mudalinayake Somaratne

For creating the longest running radio drama in Sri Lanka and the exceptional contribution to the arts and drama of Sri Lanka we present a Lifetime Achievement Award to Kalasuri Mudalinayake Somaratne.

Mr. Somaratne was the brainchild behind “Muwan Pelessa” (“Deer Glade”), the longest running drama in the history of Sri Lankan radio. This radio drama was based on the poor rural people in Sri Lanka. In a time where televisions were not introduced in Sri Lanka movies and radio was the only forms of entertainment. “Muwan Pelessa” took the hearts of many people from all backgrounds and people were glued to their radio on Friday nights.

The story was later made into a movie. Popularly known as “Mudali”, he began his career as a Homeopathic practitioner, but the love of drama and arts drew him to be involved in playwriting. He has written several books and novels and produced numerous plays. He won many awards for his contribution to the arts and drama of Sri Lanka, including a “Kalasuri.” He was instrumental in building the Sri Lankan Kala Kavaya of Southern California.