Dr. Edmond Kulatilake

A world-renowned urologist, Dr. Edmond Kulatilake has attained unique eminence for his pioneering work in transplantation of a human kidney and the preservation of kidneys in the nineteen sixties in the United Kingdom and received a gold medal as the first foreigner in the medical field. Among his numerous accomplishments are setting up of transplant units in the United Kingdom, India and Saudi Arabia, to be the first expatriate to establish and operate a full time urology practice at the world famous Harley Street, London, publishing research work in 43 medical journals, addressing 21 international conferences demonstration of his work in 9 international centers, being awarded 4 international grants and fellowships for original research in kidney and prostrate cancer.

He attended Ambalangoda Darmasoka College, Nalanda and Ananda Colleges and entered the Medical Faculty of the University of Sri Lanka in 1951. His dedication to medical research has distinguished him from others and the pioneer work in the Kidney transplant is the zenith of his medial career. The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland awarded him the Moynihan prize and the Medal for his work in 1967. This is a prize that is given once a year for the most outstanding research work in the previous year. In Nottingham University he set up the most prestigious Prostrate Cancer Clinic and research project for its treatment in Europe.