Ashley Ashan Palipana

For his excellence in Community Service & Role Model.

Ashley Ashan Palipana is Awarded the Outstanding Achievement Junior Award for his compassionate work on charitable endeavors and for being an inspiring role model to his peers.

Ashley Palipana is a 11 year old scout at St John First Aid Cadet, born in Essex, UK, to Sri Lankan parents. He is a kind, caring, and helpful young man who loves to make new friends and talk to people within the community. He attends Belmont Castle Academy. He helps other children in school by being a peer mediator in Math & English. He is also a team captain and a peer mediator who helps people with problems. He dreams of being a Neurosurgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children and would love to save many lives.

He won the British Citizen Youth Award and twenty youngsters from around the country for their unique and inspiring story. He is a great role model amongst his peers. He is a creative community member, involved with scouting endeavors with theme side scouts, attending the little Thorruch St Johns Ambulance youth program and local theater productions.

Ashley has raised funds for Great Ormond Children’s Hospital ( GOCH) charity. He continues his art exhibitions at the theme side theater art gallery to raise funds. He has been recognized by St. Johns Ambulance for receiving the badger of the year award in 2015 for confronting a suicidal man in his hometown. He convinced the man to get down the bridge and took him to the local church, where he was sent back to his home country. Today that man is safe and healthy with his parents and thanks Ashley for his courage and bravery.

He is involved in many charity events with his singing, dancing, and acting talent, and he also has a Facebook page for his Art Gallery, the “Ashley Palipana Art Gallery.”

Ashley received the British Citizen Youth Award in 2016, was honored by BCyA status given by Kimberly Wyatt, received the Badger of the Year (St. John’s Ambulance) given by Princess Anne, and was nominated for the Diana Legacy Award by Se Scout, UK, winner of the Nine Arts Awards given by the Purfleet UK, Opera House, also received First Prize from St. Johns Art Competition.

Sri Lanka Foundation International would like to Thank and Acknowledge Ashley Palipana for his continued involvement in fundraising for cancer research for the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, British Red Cross, Royal Opera House, and for the prevention of Dementia in the UK.