Amith Boteju

For his excellence as a World Renowned Musician, Entrepreneur, Producer, and Philanthropist.

Amith Boteju is Awarded Outstanding Performance by a Young Professional for his incredible talent as a Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Entrepreneur. He has achieved so much at a very young age.

Thanks to his grandmother, Amith Boteju arrived in Los Angeles with his family twenty years ago to start a new life with new friends, opportunities, and dreams. He has emerged as a talented and energetic entrepreneur, entertainer, and humanitarian who never forgets he was “Born in Sri Lanka.” So much so that all of his businesses fall under his “Born in Sri Lanka” banner.

As a student learning a new language and culture, he was immediately welcomed into his school’s burgeoning hip-hop scene, to which he quickly acclimated and connected, understanding the powerful impact of music and entertainment.

He appreciated how his new community took care of one another, reminding him of his childhood in Sri Lanka and cementing his commitment to people and the value of relationships.

Amith had big dreams, not about business or entertainment, but about how he could positively impact his homeland of Sri Lanka from here, the entertainment and creative capital of the world, Los Angeles.

Starting with small jobs in fashion and beauty, he was introduced to LA’s celebrity scene and became a part of it through his persistence, tenacity, and talent.

Not only was his music recognized by megastar Akon, but so was his humanitarian side as he enlisted Akon to help him expand energy capacity and efficiency in Sri Lanka through solar initiatives as were done in Africa.

Quickly learning that business and entertainment need to balance each other out, Amith joined Akon in a business development capacity for his cryptocurrency. As a result, Akon established a real estate and finance company, Bridge Capital. He has since joined Ludis Capital as a Venture Partner connecting the entertainment world with technology entrepreneurs.

While his friends include world-renowned athletes such as Lakers Stars Trevor Ariza and Dwight Howard and entertainers Akon, Swizz Beatz, Ne-Yo, and many others, Amith has learned how to leverage fame and entertainment for positive social impact, creating an incredible network of global influencers to support, inspire and gain visibility for the people of his homeland.

Sri Lanka Foundation would like to Thank and Acknowledge Amith Boteju for representing the Sri Lankan dream aligned with and actively creating the pop culture of the world, connecting entertainers and businesses alike, representing Sri Lankan potential, and wanting all for the benefit of the people.