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What is the treatment for dengue?

May 8, 2017
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There is no vaccine or specific medication for dengue fever.Patients should seek medical advice, rest and drink plenty of fluids. Paracetamol can be taken to bring down fever and reduce joint pains. However, aspirin or ibuprofen should not be taken since they can increase the risk of bleeding.
Patients who are already infected with the dengue virus can transmit the infection via Aedes mosquitoes after the first symptoms appear (during 4-5 days; maximum 12). As a precautionary approach, patients can adopt measures to reduce transmission by sleeping under a treated net especially during the period of illness with fever.
Infection with one strain will provide life-time protection only against that particular strain. However, it is still possible to become infected by other strains and develop into severe dengue. When warning signs of severe dengue are present (listed above), it is imperative to consult a doctor and seek hospitalization to manage the disease. With proper medical care and early recognition, case-fatality rates are below 1%. However, the overall experience remains very discomforting and unpleasant.
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