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The fast-paced journey of BISTEC Global

Jun 22, 2022
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BISTEC Global Services (BTG), we are a proud homegrown IT service company providing Software, QA, IT & Digitally enabled services globally to 13 countries in 5 continents. Our 150+ experts deliver services based on a unique offshore delivery model that caters to specific business needs. Co-Founders of BISTEC Global Johann De Cruz, Anuradha Gajanayake, and Marlon De Cruz began the company’s journey with a single Australian client and by today BISTEC global has become one of the leading software companies in Sri Lanka.

At BISTEC we believe we have hearts and not heads and we have an open culture and promote freedom to be who you are at BISTEC. We believe that to provide our clients with the best possible services, firstly we need to focus on our core strengths and improve any weaknesses. We consider our family to be everyone who is connected to us some way or another. BTG had great opportunities to work with clients globally including a set of diversified industries, services, and domains. One of the biggest achievements is that we had the opportunity to work with a major e-government software including the opportunity to design and implement an application suite for digitizing population census for a Southeast Asian Nation. We also developed line of business (LOB) apps for Australian leading disability services companies. We are currently helping many customers including some who work with Rolls-Royce and the US government.

BISTEC Global has been working tirelessly for the past few years to deliver real value to its clients, as a result, BISTEC Global has invested in the development of the three new-age apps. Workflow – a cloud-based work management application for accounting practices that help them visualize bottlenecks in the planning process, plan with ease, and optimize their workload for increased efficiency and cash flow. BISTEC care – A patient management and booking system for the medical industry. At last, TAFI – A tax planning & lodgment application catered for individual income taxpayers, which automates the end-to-end process on the cloud.

Today as a company, BISTEC Global is looking forward to furthering developments, expansions, and addressing new challenges.

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