News ≫ Strengthening Sri Lanka’s Future: Sri Lanka Foundation’s meeting with US Embassy in Sri Lanka

Strengthening Sri Lanka’s Future: Sri Lanka Foundation’s meeting with US Embassy in Sri Lanka

Jan 5, 2024
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In a recent commitment to further the Sri Lanka Foundation’s service to Sri Lanka, the Senior Operations Director of the Sri Lanka Foundation, Achala Weerasinghe, met with the Deputy Chief Officer of Mission, Sonnek Angeles, at the US Embassy in Sri Lanka on Thursday, 21 December 2023. The agenda revolved around the ongoing initiatives of the Sri Lanka Foundation, particularly highlighting recent endeavors within the country.

Noteworthy discussion was extended to the Foundation’s significant aid, including urgent medicines and medical supplies, donated to multiple hospitals throughout Sri Lanka, emphasizing the longstanding friendship between the people of Sri Lanka and the USA, characterized by mutual assistance in healthcare development within the country. The Sri Lanka Foundation has generously donated urgent medical supplies to divisional hospitals in Marassana, Pallegama, Galaha, and Deltota in the Kandy District, marking a significant contribution to healthcare provisions.

The meeting highlighted the invaluable support the Sri Lanka Foundation provides, guided by the remarkable vision of Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Foundation. The primary focus was on the Foundation’s initiatives to combat chronic kidney disease and its continuous support for pregnant women in rural areas through the provision of essential items.

To combat chronic kidney disease, the Sri Lanka Foundation addresses supply issues of access to clean water, particularly prevalent in the dry zones of Sri Lanka. For example, the Sri Lanka Foundation installed a water filtration unit in Polonnaruwa. This unit, capable of providing 200 gallons of clean water daily, was installed at the Aruna Singithi Preschool to address this critical need.

Achala, representing the Foundation, highlighted the scarcity of maternal health services in impoverished regions like Monaragala and Hambanthota. The Foundation has assisted underprivileged pregnant women in these areas by providing essential hospital items for newborns. With an annual goal of distributing 10,000 essential baskets island-wide, eligible pregnant women receive support aided by midwives.

Furthermore, the collaborative efforts between the V2U Organization and the Sri Lanka Foundation have facilitated land preparation for crop cultivation in five distinct areas within the Ampara District. Acknowledging agriculture’s vital role in Sri Lanka’s economy, these endeavors strive to equip farming communities with essential resources, skills, and economic development support.

Looking ahead, the Sri Lanka Foundation is excited to announce upcoming events to bridge American and Sri Lankan cultures in the coming year. The pinnacle event scheduled for April 2024 is the prestigious International Awards ceremony, honoring individuals within the Sri Lankan community whose work has profoundly impacted the lives of others. The Sri Lanka Foundation is grateful to all contributors, stakeholders, and the US Embassy in Sri Lanka for their unwavering support in our mission to uplift and empower communities in Sri Lanka as together, we strive to create a brighter future for all.

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