News ≫ World first in eco-friendly agriculture from Sri Lanka

World first in eco-friendly agriculture from Sri Lanka

Mar 19, 2016
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The National Institute of Fundamental Studies (NTFS) has developed world’s first Biofilm Biofertiliser and Sri Lanka’s first Rhizobium Inoculant for crop production to minimize the application of chemical fertilisers in the country. Co-inventor of Biofilm Biofertiliser, Prof. Gamini Senerviratne explained that by applying Biofilm Biofertilizer, the application of conventional chemical fertilizer could be reduced by 50 percent while increasing the yield by 30 percent while acting as a natural pesticide. Farmers would get significantly higher profit by using this Biofilm and can be used for tea, maize, and vegetables and coconut. Co-inventor of Rhizobium Inoculant Prof. S. A Kulasooriya said that the use of Rhizobium inoculant helped the nodules of the roots of legumes such as beans, mung, cowpea and soya grow better to trap nitrogen in air to soil. It increased nitrogen content in the soil and reduced the necessity to apply Urea. Prof. Kulasooriya further explained that by this reduction, billions of rupees spent on importing urea could be saved within the country and the environment could be protected from chemical pollution. for more information visit biofilm

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