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Iconic Green Cabin land to be sold

Aug 4, 2018
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If you grew up in Colombo you are sure to have visited Green Cabin to enjoy their famous Rice & Curry followed by a yummy slice of Chocolate cake. The iconic restaurant Galle Road near Bambalapitiya was shut down on Tuesday, July 31st. Green Cabin was set up by 1880s by Mudaliyar Thomas Rodrigo. Then it was opened in 1936 by Mrs de Vos, who opted to sell the business in 1942, soon after the Japanese air raids. The late entrepreneur Cyril Rodrigo, of Pagoda fame, saw a lucrative business opportunity and bought it. Both Pagoda and Green Cabin kept open during World War II. Over the years, it was a popular venue for eating out and takeaways. It was a place where we would go with our parents after school as little kids, with our friends in the evening as young adults and with our family when we are older. The iconic green and white building will be missed in Colombo by many of us. A recent change in the management of the family-owned company has resulted in the new directors wanting to sell the business.

A sales and purchase agreement is under preparation in which the business and the Green Cabin land is to be separated as the land carried greater value as an asset. He said the land is being sold to business magnate Harry Jayawardena’s Melstacorp Plc which has requested urgent vacant possession of the land. Green Cabin is to be re-opened at a different location in the next 3-4 months.

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