News ≫ Globus Vision directors say Lanka is the “Wonder of Asia”

Globus Vision directors say Lanka is the “Wonder of Asia”

Feb 10, 2016
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Globus Vision, an organisation which has been providing European and American business circles with informative publications on world economies, said that Sri Lanka’s economic landscape has gained much international exposure. The organization, which was founded in 1997, focuses mainly on countries that are able to offer investment and trade opportunities to readers of Americaís and Europeís most important media houses. Oscar Crespo, Editorial Director of Globus Vision outlined what they were hoping to showcase about Sri Lanka ” We are expecting to showcase that this government is doing important efforts so that the country can pull towards progress”. He also stated that the economic consolidation and international outreach that the government were orchestrating were important. He stressed that through trade and diplomacy the GOSL was managing to “gain international exposure and success”. Lastly, he commended the tourism sector which he said was “the fastest growing sector in the country … has been beating all the records that been put as projected.” He concluded by saying “So, this is a time to stop referring to Sri Lanka as the teardrop of India and start calling it the wonder of Asia”.

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