News ≫ England & Sri Lanka to Hold Joint Beauty Pageant

England & Sri Lanka to Hold Joint Beauty Pageant

Jan 10, 2017
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Miss England Limited together with Premier Ceylon and Sri Lanka Tourism will organize a grand joint beauty pageant with 40 contestants from Sri Lanka and 40 contestants from England. All 80 contestants will parade in one catwalk and the MISS ENGLAND – MISS PREMIER CEYLON will be picked.

According to Miss England Limited, Executive Director, Angie Beasley, the initial event will be held in England and they will bring 40 contestants from England to Sri Lanka. She said that the pageant would also give Sri Lankan apparel and other sectors to get involved to showcase their products to the world via the huge international publicity that would be generated by the event. This is the first time in Sri Lanka a former English beauty queen will host a mega joint beauty pageant in Sri Lanka involving beauties from both English and Sri Lanka.

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