News ≫ BMICH wins Leading Meeting & Convention Venue Award at SATA

BMICH wins Leading Meeting & Convention Venue Award at SATA

Jan 9, 2017
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BMICH wins Leading Meeting & Convention Venue Award at The South Asian Travel Awards(SATA) Mount Lavinia Hotel , Sri Lanka. It is the first ever regional Travel Awards endorsed by Multi National Associations providing the Tourism sector of the South Asian Region with recognition towards their facilities and service excellence.

The Award is the first of its kind with affiliations from regional associations ensuring the process within a smooth and transparent procedure. SATA is a concept of the Maldivian company “Highrise” in Collaboration with India and Sri Lanka. The endorsement of organizations from Sri Lanka included Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Sri Lanka (FCCISL) and Colombo Chamber of Commerce (CCC). The judging panel consisted of high profile senior retired representatives from each destination with vast knowledge and background of the industry to assure an accurate and fair process. The nominations were open with an initial press briefing at the Sri Lanka Tourism premises amidst the presence of the press and heads of regional associations. The event consisted of 10 segments falling into 39 categories.

Hon. Minister of Tourism , Sri Lanka HE. John Amarathunga stated during his speech that , SATA will benefit the Tourism Industry of the region and he wishes the best for the intiative while being pleased to have the first event hosted in Sri Lanka. The BMICH offers exceptionally versatile and impressive settings, the BMICH venues are ideal for any occasion, from an intimate dinner to a lavish banquet, business conference or wedding. The purpose built rooms have facilities to suit any setting enhancing any event. All Function Rooms too have also been renamed and primed to deliver a truly exceptional experience. BMICH is the proud winner of Gold Century International Quality ERA Award – Geneva 2016 as well.

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