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Dry Ration Relief Materials to Sri Lanka

Jun 8, 2020
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Dear Friends, In memory of most venerable Aluthnuwara Sumanatissa Nayaka Thero, we have started a fundraiser to help the poor and underprivileged families in Sri Lanka through Lankarama Buddhist Institute, LaPuente, California and Gangatilaka Viharaya, Iyamporuwa, Sri Lanka.

We will distribute dry ration parcels worth Rs. 5000.00 (nearly $30) each to the poor families. All the parcels will be dispatched to the poor families directly through the remote local temples and grama niladharis (local government officers) in different parts of Sri Lanka. We will purchase from SATHOSA, a government corporative company under subsidized rates.

Everything will be closely coordinated and monitored by the Lankarama Buddhist Institute and we will make sure to dispatch the relief parcels to the needy people directly through our local temples and government agents.

Please kindly join us in this noble course. Your generous help is very much appreciated. All donations should be made to Lankarama Buddhist Institute by cash or by check. You can also donate through our PayPal account.

Here’s the dry ration details that we are going to include in every parcel:
Rice 10kg normal
Rice 10kg keeri
Salmon 1tin 425g
Sprats 500g
Dhal 1kg
Flour 2kg
Coconut oil 1bottle
Soya meat 4pkts 110g (Raigam)
Chilie Powder 200g
Curry Powder 200g
Salt Powder
Noodles pkt 1 – 500g
Tea Leaves 200g
Sugar 1kg
Papadam 1 pkt – 100g
Pepper powder – 50g
B Onions 1kg
Garlic 200g
Kadala (large/s) 1kg
Kadala (medium) 1kg
Potatoes 1kg – local
Samaposha (large) 1kg
Milk Powder 1 pkt – 400g (Anchor/Raththi)
Turmeric Powder 50g
Corriander 100g.

Lankarama Buddhist Institute
398 Giano Ave, La Puente, CA 91744
Contact: +1-626-913-0775

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