News ≫ Nalaka Gunawardhana’s message of Gratitude! Final Report

Nalaka Gunawardhana’s message of Gratitude! Final Report

Jun 8, 2020
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Thanks for all your donations and humanitarian efforts. Here’s our final report attached Please accept our gratitude towards Clarendon Foundation for all your efforts and donations.

Aruna received donations from us and many generous donors. Almost entire project was handled by him with his connections in SL.

Distribution of food during the Covid crisis
This was a group initiative by like-minded Sri Lankans around the world. A dedicated team of 12 volunteers, professionals based in Sri Lanka did the leg work and the coordination and funds management was done mostly from overseas. Background Due to the current Covid crisis and the island wide curfew imposed, there were thousands of daily wage earners who were unable to work and have had their lifelines suddenly slashed. There were many initiatives by local and overseas Sri Lankans at various grassroot levels to assist such families. Team of our friends living in Sri Lanka executed this humanitarian relief effort to assist such families by providing dry rations to the neediest.
Few capable Anandians took the lead to raise funds within their circles. Funding has emerged mainly from individuals both locally and overseas. Few contributed as a group.
All in all we have donated around Rs. 4.2M worth of goods.
The group is not affiliated with any NGO or political parties. We were very careful not to involve anyone with political interests or alliances.
Supplies & Logistics
Supplies have been sourced directly where possible from suppliers at better than market prices. Initially each pack of day rations consisted of 3Kg Rice, 1Kg Dhal, 500g Onions, 500g Soy, 2 coconuts etc. Each pack has an estimated value of approximately Rs. 700 /=. This we modified later little based on certain conditions and requirements. We also distributed in bulk to some elder’s homes and children’s homes.
Packing of these food parcels to the disadvantaged homes have been undertaken by volunteers and tri forces and distribution mainly by SL police force and Gramasevaka given that they can freely move around during the curfew.
The list of needy families had been identified by the support from provincial secretaries, police and gramasevakas. Most day earners had registered with these local bodies and they have assisted in identifying needy families.
Phase 1
2000 packs were distributed to families on 28th March.
Delivery consisted to the following areas: Maharagama, Anguruwathota, Rajagiriya, Meethotamulla, Borella, Nugegoda, Kottawa, Padukka, Nedimala, Boralesgamuwa, Pepiliyana, Nawinna, Madiwela Cost Rs. 884,100/=
Phase 2
2400 packs were distributed to families in phase 2 on 7th April
Delivery consisted to the following areas: Grandpass, Weththewa, Mathugama, Nawagamuwa, Mulleriyawa, Moratuwella, Wellampitiya, Mountlavinia, Kimbulawala, Hokandara, Anuradhapura – Dahayyagama, Ruhunupura, Pitakotte, Welikada, Boralesgamuwa, Pettah, Maharagama, Malseripura Cost Rs. 1,469,605/= Focused group in Kottawa and Agalawatte
125 Packs were distributed with the help of one of our friends in Kottawa and Agalawatte area 12th April Cost Rs. 111,250/=
Focused group in Aluthgama
135 packs to families in Ladduwa, Aluthgama area on the 12th April Cost Rs. 146,887/= Focused group in Peliyagoda
For 28 Families. Cost Rs. 48,515
Phase 3
Delivered another 885 packs on 18th April. 500 was for people stranded in Colombo who had come from villages to work. The balance 385 was for identified families in different areas requested by people known to us. Cost Rs. 662,953/=
Phase 4
325 Families were benefited. We also gave a bulk food donation for Madiwela Boys Home Cost Rs. 299,214/=
Phase 5
We have donated 310 packs for families in Bingiriya. These were mainly who depended on manufacturing and helping in coir related products and industries.
Cost Rs. 236,100/=
Miscellaneous distributions
Baddegama 50 families Cost Rs.52,300/=
Kandy 13 families cost Rs. 13,715/=
Kurunegala Cost Rs. 23,713/=
N95 masks for Ragama hospital staff Rs. 83,250/=
Handapanagala Methsewa Disabled childrens home (120 disabled children) Cost Rs. 97,417/= Galpatha Kaluthara Elders Home (38 elders) Cost Rs. 67,700/=
Payyagala Jayanthi Children’s home (42 children) Cost Rs. 40,200/= Appreciation
This was a very tiring but fulfilling experience for all of us. It wouldn’t have been possible if not for the wonderful team of volunteers, donors, Govt officials, members from tri forces and police. You all made it possible for us to help fill some of the empty stomachs in Sri Lanka.
Budu Saranayi. May god bless you.

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