News ≫ Dr Walter Jayasinghe is Appreciated for his Support for the National Independent Youth fellowship and Summit 2022 (one country One Love)

Dr Walter Jayasinghe is Appreciated for his Support for the National Independent Youth fellowship and Summit 2022 (one country One Love)

Jan 27, 2022
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3rd and 4th February 2022 i n Jaffna –

500 – 1000 youth from around the country meeting in Jaffna for peace building, Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation

1. Build a pool of young peace builders who use creativity as a tool for peace building, Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation
2. Bring Island Wide Youth leaders, artists and activists as National Level Coalition for reconciliation.
3. Prepare National level youth Action Plan for reconciliation and Peace building for National and International Level Implementation.

• Do you think compassion is powerful than hatred? Do you think kindness combined with wisdom can open the closed doors? Are you ready to be a part of the change making process in personal, community, social, national or universal level? Then this call is for you.

• In a bid to develop leaders of character who are passionate about self-growth as a human and the improvement of their society, JAFFNA CIVIL SOCIETY CENTER (JCSC) and YOUTH NATIONAL SERVICE COUNCIL(NYSC) welcomes Sri Lankan youth who are becoming interested in catalysts to the course of peace, to a two-day transformative inner.

journey. ‘One Country One Love” concept though five thematic areas, participants will learn how to find their own inner peace, and become equipped with the skills to return and respond to the needs of the country and the universe.

• This is a journey to discover oneself in order to understand “other” and her/his environment.
• This is a journey to discover the beauty and art of interdependency and interconnectedness while celebrating togetherness.
• This is a journey to discover the art of building collective power through connecting to one’s inner power
• This is a Journey to discover the art of recognizing, accepting, respecting, enriching and celebrating the diversity.
• This is a journey to heal oneself in order to heal the other and community at large.
• Fellowship will start with a 2 Day residential program in Jaffna District, on facilitation and reconciliation. Providing the basic theory and practice to develop your capacity to be a Peace builder to heal the past and build the future of your community at large. The program aims to enhance your ability to be a part of the reconciliation processes in Sri Lanka through your creative and innovative engagement. In addition to our intense Facilitation practice, participants will gain knowledge on various theoretical approaches.

Thematic area
1. Reconciliation and Healing through MUSIC
2. Reconciliation and Healing through DRAMA & THEATRE
3. Reconciliation and Healing through CINEMA & PHOTOGRAPHY
4. Reconciliation and Healing through ECOLOGY
5. Reconciliation and Healing through SOCIAL WORK

Participants tentative program plan

JCSC together with the NYSC will select 10 youth leaders from each of 25 district in Sri Lanka. selected 250 youth will be travel to Jaffna on 3rd of February. JCSC will select another 1250 youth in Jaffna district to host incoming fellow from around the country.

Day one
• 250 youth participants will start from Colombo and other areas to Jaffna By train.
• Lunch is to be obtained from Anuradhapura.
• JCSC will welcome and received the fellow in Jafffna. (evening 4 PM)
• After the welcome program each fellow will be accompany to their homestay.

Day two
• 74th National Indipendent Day Celebration at Durei Appa Stadium.
• Group work and Q & A session with Arun (including Lunch)
• Traditional Cultural show and Honoring Nothern Heros.
• Day two will be ending with the Musical event. Day Three
• Breakfast and departure.

Note – We the Jaffna Civil Society Center, who has taken the initiative to bring back unitary Sri Lanka with supporting one country one law, there are many individuals and organizations who has come forward to help us but we warm heartedly appreciate and thankful to Dr. Walter Jayasinghe from USA who always stood behind us and helped immensely to achieve our goal.

I, Arun Siddharth personally acknowledges and thank Dr. Walter Jayasinghe for his interest and support for the projects I initiated to unite south and North.

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