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Devoted to Promoting Sri Lankan Musical Artists!

Mar 25, 2015
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The Sri Lankan community has had the privilege of enjoying the music of many musical artists due to one person’s dedication and devotion. It is non other than Thusitha De Silva who has lived in Pasadena for over a sixteen years with his wife Sudarshani and his two children, Parami and Lithum.

During his younger days he enjoyed playing rugby and cricket at Thurstan College in Sri Lanka, but soon that changed after he started to associate with three Director’s of TV shows and Tele Dramas. Thusitha himself is a very talented individual who was involved in many dramas. With his busy schedule organizing shows, raising two children and working, he still finds the time to be involved in charitable activities to support buddhist temples. People are amazed how he does it all, it has to be his persevering personality and of course the strength he gets from his wife Sudarshani.

His very first show in Los Angeles was in 2006 to promote Nihal Nelson. This initial show inspired him to continue his passion, and today he is organizing his 17th show in Los Angeles. When I interviewed Thusitha I asked him the secret to his success, without any hesitation he said “Dr Mudalinayake Somaratne, Sunethra, Kisa and Jagath Sarathchandra, Somi Ratnayake, Bhadraji Jayatilleke and Linton Semege, Ramya Edirisinghe and Kithsirimewan Jayasinghe guided me to opportunities to perform in public, what I learned from these people are inevitable”. Through the years he has received many awards from the community for successfully organizing shows and bringing people together. Thusitha even donated the very first “Pagoda Buddha Statue” in California to the the Sambudhaloka Vihara in Moreno Valley.

Thusitha’s shows were not focused on financial results, the important factor was the organization part of the event, to respect each and every artist and to provide the best services to them. His message to the community is to be open-minded to attend as many different shows to experience and value each artist instead of focusing who the organizer is.  Last, but not least, he said “I do not expect anything in return, except to watch everyone having a good time and appreciating the music at my shows, this gives me great satisfaction”.

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