News ≫ Dengue claims 150 lives

Dengue claims 150 lives

Jun 13, 2017
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Epidemiology Unit sources said that a total of 59,760 dengue patients and over 150 dengue deaths had been reported from all parts of the country by June 07 of this year. According to the sources, the highest number of dengue patients, which is over 25,279, had been reported from the Western Province. The highest number of dengue patients, 13,111 had been reported from the Colombo district.

Meanwhile National Dengue Control Unit sources said that legal action had been taken against 741 dengue mosquito breeders during the recent dengue control program implemented in high-risk areas. 2605 places found with mosquito larvae and red notices were issued to 4322 places. The inspectors inspected a total of 89,604 places.

Meanwhile medical experts say that all people suffer from fever more than two days should seek immediate medical treatment from a state hospital or a qualified doctor without applying home remedies.

Only Paracetamol should be taken to control fever. All medications except Paracetamol cause fatal complications such as Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF),Dengue Shock Syndrome etc.

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