News ≫ A Story of a “True Hero”

A Story of a “True Hero”

Jan 17, 2020
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“I’m a cardiologist”, The minute Previn De Siva, MD, Baldwin Park Medical Offices, spoke those words, the young ski patrollers breathed a sigh of relief. They’d been struggling to save a girl’s life High on a mountainside when Dr De Silva hopped off a ski lift and raced to the rescue.

He immediately volunteered to take charge of a 14-year old girl in full cardiac arrest. He quickly helped stabilize her then accompanied her down the mountain to a waiting ambulance.

Dr De Silva care continued as he consulted with physicians at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where the girl was airlifted for advanced care. He stayed in touch with her family and is thrilled to report that his young patient is doing “just once”. “Where other people might turn away, Dr De Silva instantly took full responsibility”, says Brian Suh, MD chief, Radiology, Baldwin Park Medical Center, who also happened to be on the mountain that day. “He’s truly a hero for saving her life.

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