Akila Palipana

With great command of body and intellect Mr. Akila Palipana, dancer from Sri Lanka, has distinguished himself as an emerging talent with many intriguing possibilities ahead. He contributes to the field of dancing, as a Performer, Choreographer, Instructor , and Lecturer. He is a graduate of University of Kelaniya and he is reading for his master degree while contributing to the mother university with his knowledge and skills as a visiting lecturer. He was attached to Chitrasena Dance Company for 06 years which is one of the most prominent dancing institutes in Sri Lanka as a performer, teacher and choreographer. ‘Akila Palipana Dancing Studio’ was founded by Jim in 20218 with the idea of passing his passion for dance to the younger generation. He has brought fourth many new talent to the country gaining national level achievements. He was the choreographer of best and most popular dancer at Derana little star season 09 and 10. He himself was the best creative dancer of ‘Kavitha’ inter university dancing competition, 2012. He is the expert in Sri Lankan traditional dancing, folk dancing, Kathak and contemporary dancing. He has represented Sri Lanka in many global events and some of his works were in India, France, Australia and the United Kingdom. Akila Palipana, and incredible dancer with immense knowledge and experience in the field, is devoted to explore the art of motion which expresses your deepest inner thoughts. Dancing is what ruled him up to this day.