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Marconi who invented the radio (wireless as sometimes called) may have never ever thought that his invention will one day conquer the world as a so powerful communication tool. In Sri Lanka radio broadcasting was first started in early 1920’s with an experimental basis.

Earlier it was limited to a very short range in Colombo region on a medium wave frequency. As there were limitations on MW broadcasting , the engineers went for short wave broadcasting which carried the radio waves for a long distance. One short coming of SW was that it’s listening was not very continual. But the signal could be picked up at long distances.

Long wave frequencies were not normally used for public service broadcasting. Then in 1970’s in Sri Lanka the radio engineers turned to FM or frequency modulated transmission. Now the Digital broadcasting is also not too far from us.

With such a background the very latest innovation is becoming popular world-wide.On world wide web , you find hundreds of radio stations for which we can listen while we are surfing the internet. One of the most popular internet radio from Sri Lanka is the Laksara ( which broadcast Sinhala music to the whole world. However Internet listening is now not limited to the computer only. Now its becoming a popular habit to listen to internet radio stations on a radio set which is similar to radio receivers we normally use to listen to terrestrial radio programmes. Who knows it will be seen in hands of everyone (like mobile phones) in the near future.

We can not predict it’s inevitable , unbelievable FUTURE , only Sir Arthur C. Clerk could have predicted it. Now if we think of the technical behavior of “ internet radio receiver technology “the following is a photograph of such a radio receiver.

Radio on the world wide web is also known as inertnet radio , web radio, net radio, streaming radio and also as e-radio.


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