Shanika Batiks

Engaging as a Fashion Designer as his career, Shanika’s designs are especially focused on Batiks. With 15 years experience in Batik Fashion Design internationally, he has brought his new Batik creations to the world while honouring Sri Lanka.

His purpose is to direct the art of Batik in a new way and introduce trending designs to the younger generation.

Rural Enterprise Network

The Rural Enterprise Network (REN) store is scheduled to be launched to both Sri Lankan and international consumers on the 21st of August 2021 online. A social enterprise that focuses on the development of rural micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) by supplying them with extensive marketing support, the REN Store strives to be the future of MSMEs. Backed by a group of well-experienced professionals, REN is a social marketing organization of its kind in Sri Lanka. Since 2002, they have helped numerous aspiring entrepreneurs and producers to improve their business performance and product quality.

Pure Ceylon Items


We are USDA Organic Certified Supplier, we Harvest, All Natural products without chemicals, pesticides, Wild and Naturally Grown Crops. Also we are Working with farmers encouraged by offering incentive to grow and supply the best Organic and Natural Crops. All our products are Packed in GMP facility.

We take pride in offering ” Premium Quality Products ” to your doorstep, some of our product categories are kithul products ,Ceylon Tea & Japanese Matcha Tea ,Food products, Traditional rice varieties of Sri Lanka, Coconut products, Dehydrated products, Herbal Products, Our service includes private label, bulk service, to fulfill the buyer’s requirements. also offer Apparel ,Coconut Coir Products and More…

Mission statement Our goal is to provide quality products and excellent service with competitive pricing while maintaining the highest standard of integrity in the industry. Our Team is dedicated to finding an innovative way to provide fresh and healthy products.

Vision statements

We brand ourselves, Natural, Authentic, Healthy, truthful and honest. Understand our customers’ needs and meet them, Deliver the highest quality.


UpCeylon​ is a U.S. based online business that carries various clothing items made in Sri Lanka. I take pride in where my garments come from and the quality in which they’re manufactured. Most of my pieces contain batik designs, a contemporary handcrafted art design. Batik is an extremely time-consuming handmade technique created with hot wax; hence each design has slight artistic variations from piece to piece.

Aliya Blue- Imagined, Designed & Hand-Crafted In Sri Lanka

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Aliya Blue was founded with the purpose of providing a platform for the various artisans in Sri Lanka to showcase their unique products and skills to the world. It is an avenue for them to support, not just themselves and their families, but also their communities.

The inspiration came to me during an excursion in my motherland, Sri Lanka. As I was walking through the local marketplace of a small town, I noticed this bag hanging on a small vendor’s roof and fell in love with it. It reminded me of the shopping bag or “malla” my grandmother used to carry to the market on weekends when she did all her groceries many years ago. To me it was so beautiful and represented a simpler time when there were no plastic bags, and everyone used to carry a version of this bag to the market. A light bulb went off in my head as I thought why not I start taking a ‘malla’ to the supermarket and leave the plastic bags at the store. It was the perfect solution – eco-friendly and uniquely stylish.

From this first thought, I started talking to the vendors about their products and how business was doing, and I kept hearing the same story. Business was bad, there were no tourists or locals traveling, and they were struggling to survive. This was after the tragic Easter Sunday terrorist attacks that took place in the island last April (2019). These artisans were creating beautiful products yet there was no real exposure for their talents. I had always wanted to give back to and help the less fortunate communities in Sri Lanka, and this seemed like the perfect place to start. Not charity but a way to empower the craftspeople and their communities.

I did a lot of research, going around the country, finding and meeting some of the best craftspeople. I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of artisans that made various types of bags using several natural materials that were growing in abundance around them, particularly in the rice fields. A majority of my vendors turned out to be women and it was inspiring to see them supporting their families single handed, and the communities around them by employing other women. I also met a teacher who traveled over one hour by bus to rural villages to teach women how to make these products. He gets a small stipend from the government for his teaching, but he mostly does it out of his passion for creating these unique bags and passing on his skills.

We deal directly with the craftspeople so there are no middlemen. The items you see on the website is handmade and takes some time to make. This means each piece is unique and there will never be a hundred pieces of one item. We buy what the artisan community produce.

During my journey, I met several other craftspeople that made a plethora of unique items such as jewelry, art and other accessories that you now see on the website. What started out as a simple idea of introducing Eco-friendly bags to the US, turned into a showcase for Sri Lanka’s unique handcrafts. Thus, Aliya Blue was born.