UpCeylon​ is a U.S. based online business that carries various clothing items made in Sri Lanka. I take pride in where my garments come from and the quality in which they’re manufactured. Most of my pieces contain batik designs, a contemporary handcrafted art design. Batik is an extremely time-consuming handmade technique created with hot wax; hence each design has slight artistic variations from piece to piece.

Sillara Agri Tech

Sillara Agri-Tech is your friendly neighborhood grocery delivery service in Colombo that only provides ethically sourced products from registered farmers and suppliers. Our agri-business supply chain operates based on 3 important pillars: fair trade, sustainability and efficiency. It is of utmost importance that all stakeholders in our service are treated equally and ethically.

Daraz Sri Lanka

Daraz Sri Lanka is proud to bring a fast, convenient & reliable shopping experience for its valued customers. Just visit our website, find your favorite product, order online and choose both safe and risk-free online payment method or cash on delivery (COD) service for better convenience.