Saving Ganesh

The goal of is to provide support for the protection of elephants and their habitat. We are monitoring the plight of this endangered species and working as a liaison between farmers, villagers, DWC, local conservationists and the veterinarians to develop sustainable management practices.

The transparency and reach of documentary film is a powerful tool; bringing ‘daylight’ and integrity to governmental action for the benefit of wildlife and villagers.

You can make a difference ….The alternative – elephants killed by villagers or euthanized by the DWC – is not acceptable.


We are an Organization that is fully committed and well geared to serve the multi-ethnic community in the United States to satisfy their thirst to keep alive the cultural, musical and artistic talents in a land so far away From home. “

Sri Lankan Catholic Community of New York and New Jersey

We are a group of Sri Lankan Catholics from New york, New Jersey and neighbouring states united to strengthen our faith in a homely environment. We invite all Sri Lankans and their families to share the Liturgy and meet new friends at our events. Our Community gathers every last Sunday of the month at 6.00 PM to celebrate the Holy Eucharist in Sinhala at Our Lady of Pity Church, 1616 Richmond Av, Staten Island, NY 10314, USA.

Sri Lankan Association in Scotland

Sri Lankan Association in Scotland is a community group initiated by those with Sri Lankan roots now living in Scotland. Our primary objective is to help each-other, no matter what you are, where you are in Scotland, where in Sri Lankan you are coming from, what faith or belief you have, what language you speak – we are now living in Scotland with Sri Lankan roots! So let us help each-other, feel Sri Lankan and be proud!

Sri Lanka Students Association in Japan

The Sri Lankan Student Association in Japan is the association of the academic community from Sri Lanka engaged in studying in Japan.The history of SLSAJ runs back till 1987 which has been formed with 8 members in its initiation. In the presence SLSAJ has grown its network up to more than 1000 members, comprising of current students as well as academics who has passed out from Japanese Universities. The distribution in the presence has been expanded worldwide with the academic professionals.