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Younger Optics is devoted to helping people See Better

Nov 8, 2021
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“Roshan Seresinhe CFO/COO Younger Optics, Torrance CA meets the Governor of the State of Sonora Mexico, the Honorable Alfonso Durazo on the partnership to further expand operations in Mexico”

Younger Optics is the largest US owned Optical Lens (spectacles) Manufacturing Company and also the largest privately owned Manufacturers in the World. It is an established operations in Mexico under NAFTA ( now USMCA) since in 2003 and grown to mega facilities in two cities Guayamas and Obregon employing thousands of employees.

The CFO/COO of Younger Optics, Roshan Seresinhe was instrumental of establishing the Mexico Operations in 2003 and have been leading the operations ever since. As a very hands on executive in all aspects of manufacturing and USMCA/NAFTA operations/regulations considered one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in operating manufacturing facilities under the umbrella. Have been an advisor on some of the USMCA/NAFTA challenges and renegotiations.

This establishment has been in Mexico for 18 years.

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