News ≫ Yalpanam, A land that whispers it’s Culture

Yalpanam, A land that whispers it’s Culture

Mar 6, 2017
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The once battle-scarred North of Sri Lanka is rapidly moving along a prosperous path that today these areas have become major tourist attractions. Yalpanam or Jaffna, the capital city of the Northern Province is no different.

This predominantly Hindu populated land is known for its fresh seafood, nelli cordial, grape wine, places of religious significance and other features. In this episode of Loafer’s Diary we explored the traditional Hindu lifestyles, cuisine and places of attraction in the Jaffna District. We took the train to Jaffna which took seven hours to reach our destination and it is often a comfortable ride.

One would come across quite a number of sites which you would miss when traveling by vehicle. During our visit we stayed at The Margosa, a boutique property situated a few kilometers away from the city.

Malayan Café We firstly visited Malayan Café, one of the most famous eating spots in the Jaffna town. Located at the Grand Bazaar, Malayan Café boasts of its delicious cuisine prepared from fresh ingredients such as ghee. While at this venue we decided to taste their Masala Dhosai and Paper Dhosai.

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