News ≫ Worldwide Instameet 14 Sri Lanka Part 1: What We Saw

Worldwide Instameet 14 Sri Lanka Part 1: What We Saw

Sep 19, 2016
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It was a late Saturday afternoon. On the 17th of September group of complete strangers descended upon the Kollpitya market. Yet these people had two things in common: they knew how to take great pictures and also used Instagram. And so, they arrived at the Kollpitya market for an event. That event was the Worldwide InstaMeet 14 Sri Lanka, also known as #WWIM14SriLanka.
Now in case you’re lost, an InstaMeet is essentially gathering of people who use Instagram aka Instagrammers. The purpose of this gathering is simple: to take amazing pictures and mind-blowing videos. These gatherings can be big or small or even medium and can happen anywhere. It’s an opportunity for the local Instagram community to socialize, learn and explore. Interestingly, the definition doesn’t say the pictures and videos need to be shared on Instagram.
This year, we celebrated the 14th WorldWide InstaMeet, which took place over the weekend from September 17th to September 18th. The theme of the year was food. A broad, hungry, mouth-watering theme with a million possibilities. It should be noted that Sri Lanka is no stranger to InstaMeets. In fact, we’ve had a few in the past. The first one took place back in 2013!
This year, the duo of Amalini De Sayrah and Firi Rahman decided to host an InstaMeet in Sri Lanka once more. And so with the help of Nazly Ahmed, Worldwide InstaMeet 14 Sri Lanka (#WWIM14SriLanka) took place on the 17th of September.

The InstaMeet journey began at the Kollpitya Market

This was the first stop on the WorldWide InstaMeet 14 Sri Lanka journey. Officially, we were supposed to be here by 3.30 PM. However, by some miracle, we arrived at 3PM. What’s even more startling was that everyone else had started arriving at the same time too. And so, the InstaMeet began a bit early. Here’re the original uncropped images we took at the Kollpitya Market.

Then we went to Galle Face Green

After our stint at the Kollpity Market, the next stop on our InstaMeet Sri Lanka journey was the Galle Face Green. The initial plan was to take either a bus or tuk. After a few failed attempts, we all decided to walk instead. Thus, we set off for Galle Face Green. A few of us stopped by Inn on The Green for a quick beer, though. Once we got there, we started taking more pictures under the #WWIM14SriLanka hashtag.

The final stop: Aluthkade

Our next and final stop was Aluthkade. Once again, all of us tried to get busses. Once again, we failed. Thankfully, this time, we succeeded in getting tuks. We went in the tuks and got down at Armour Street at around 7. Then we walked towards the dodgy neighborhood of Aluthkade.

Until the next InstaMeet

As darkness crept in, it was time for everyone to head home. This was especially true for those who attended the InstaMeet that were living outside Colombo. So we all said our goodbyes and made a promise to meet again, at the next Sri Lankan InstaMeet.
With that WorldWide InstaMeet 14 Sri Lanka officially came to a close. But the journey isn’t over yet. For now, do check out our entire album and also follow us on Instagram for more. There’s still more to come that will be under the ##WWIM14SriLanka hashtag.

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