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World’s first Laser Vesak Pandol

May 22, 2017
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World’s first laser vesak Pandol(Thorana) was erected in the Galle Face Green at the Colombo Vesak Zone. The 60 meters tall and 40 meters wide pandol depicted the life story of Lord Buddha. Using german technology Dr. Chandima Ukwatta the pioneer of this innovation created the pandol in the night sky. Background music for this art work was provided by Mr. Wimalajeewa Dombawatta and story was created by Mr. Dimuthu Chinthaka.

“Laser technology comprises of various categories. Laser technology provides a vast range of benefits. In Medical science, military activities, measuring activities, engineering field, we use laser technology. But in this innovation we are using laser beams specially made for entertainment activities, which causes no harm to human body. The biggest challenge we faced in this innovation was to utilize this laser technology made for entertainment activities to create an art work which could enhance a respectful impression in the minds of the devotees” added Dr. Chandima. The Colombo Vesak Zone was organized by Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Ministry of Ports and Shipping and the Buddhist Association of the port at the Galle Face Green.

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